Color Your Coffee


Add color to your cafes and food service operations with vibrant new color options and optional custom colors to match your brand or general aesthetic.
Choose from red, orange, yellow, blue, white or black. Or, work with Astra to choose a custom color.

Add some POP to your coffee shop

Express your coffee shop's unique style with these vibrant new color options for your next espresso machine, grinder or steamer. We've got a diverse variety of colors to choose from, whether it's modern white or maybe something with a little more of a citrusy “pop” like orange. And don't worry, we still have the original stainless steel machines for those who prefer the classics.

What matters is we have something for every brand, whether you're a local cafe or a hotel. We've meticulously designed these new machines to complement various interior design preferences, ensuring that every foodservice operator can find the perfect custom match for their space. With an emphasis on both style and functionality, these espresso machines are set to redefine the coffee experience.

How does it work?

Simply go to the product page that you're interested in, and you'll be able to select from six additional colors to spice up your new Astra machine! At Astra, we understand customers need these machines as soon as possible, which is why we made sure that if you choose to add a splash of color to your new espresso machine or steamer, it's only an additional 48 hour wait from our standard shipping time.

Additionally, if you're needing something a bit more specific than our six wonderful colors, we're also able to do custom colors so that we can rmatch that perfect shade that fits your brand. Simply reach out to our customer service team and they'll be able to help. Please note, custom jobs are currently limited to solid colors.

Some of our favorite colors.

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