Commercial Espresso Machines



Artfully engineered by an aerospace engineer using simple modular designs,
Astra delivers highly reliable, affordable machines that have been handcrafted
in the USA since 1993.

Pourover Espresso Machines

Astra Pourover machines bring the café experience right to your home or business. Thermocycling system provides absolute temperature consistency and quality coffee to deliver the perfect cup everytime.


Traditional/ Manual Espresso Machines

Astra’s Traditional or Semi-automatic machines put the barista in control to craft the perfect cup. With a self-tamping, high-density group head, copper boiler and temperature stabilizing thermocycling system, these machines offer unmatched reliability, quality and simplicity.


Automatic Espresso Machines

The perfect blend of artistry and consistency, Astra’s Automatic espresso machines provide perfect portion control with the touch of a button. Designed for high output with the addition of a self-tamping, high-density group head, copper boiler and a temperature stabilizing thermocycling system.


Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Astra’s Super Automatic series with Intelliprogram™ smart features allows anyone to deliver the perfect drink every time with the touch of a button. Fully automated from bean grinding to pressurized pouring, these machines are easy to operate and maintain.


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