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Artfully engineered using simple designs, Astra delivers reliable, affordable machines that have been handcrafted in the United States since 1993. A pioneer in espresso machine manufacturing in the USA, Astra machines are renowned for maximum durability and performance and are remarkably exceptional at delivering uncompromising espresso with every shot.



High Quality Machines

Unmatched performance and top-of-the-line quality
• All steel chassis
• All metal internal brewing mechanism
• Aerospace-grade hosing and wiring components


Simple, Sophisticated Design

Modular parts combined with intuitive features
• Built to easily install, operate, and maintain
• IntelliprogramTM* smart features offer innovative capabilities
• Uncomplicated water and electrical hook up


Exceptional Service

Unparalleled tech support team available to help with
questions and repairs
• Nationwide service and training options
• Phone support for troubleshooting
• Tech support available 8:00am - 5:00pm nationwide


Global Excellence

Locally constructed with world class standards
• All parts stocked in the USA
• Handcrafted in the USA
• US-standard parts



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