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A Writer’s Home Machine is a Tool to Get Ideas Flowing

If you are a writer or know a writer, you might be privy to the quirky and sometimes eccentrics habits that form when writers sit down to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys. One of the most common rituals among writers is the preparation and consumption of many cups (often massive amounts) of coffee. For this reason, a home machine can be a writer’s best tool, and best friend. Now, you don’t have to be a big connoisseur or make several pots of coffee a day in order to be a good writer but a cup with breakfast and during that afternoon slump can be just the boost you need to get the ideas flowing in your mind and stay focused while you work.

  1. The Life of a Writer

Many writers spend hours at a desk (or on a couch, at the kitchen table, sitting on the patio or at the park) with their work. They stare at pages and screens with time falling into the distance as a measure they no longer recognize. When they decide they want more coffee, going to the café or anyplace else that sells their magic potion of choice is a bother but walking to the kitchen is an easy compromise. A home machine gives the writer the coffee they want, however they want to make it, and the energy to keep going even when they’ve been at it for hours…or days.

  1. Caffination

Caffination is not actually a word, but it’s one of the many creative things a writer can do when spurred on by coffee. There are many great writers that can be attributed to precise coffee preparation and habits that most people today would find outrageous. Other artists have used these methods in the past as well, for centuries and still in present time. Your methods of using your home machine and getting the caffeine that sparks your brain into full gear will be your own. Experiment with different ways to make coffee, additions to your brew, beans from faraway places of all kinds of roasts. Don’t be afraid to branch out to find your coffee bliss.

  1. Organizing Your Writing Space

Your writing space could be a home office, a spot at your kitchen table, the coffee table in your living room, or a TV tray with a folding chair in the laundry room. No matter where you decide to write, it’s likely you’ll want to keep your home machine close by so the coffee is always near. Think about your space and how large of an area you have to devote to coffee in the first place. If there’s not enough room in your writing space to keep a coffee maker, you can always put it in the kitchen and force yourself to get up and take a walk whenever you need a jolt.

  1. The Machine You Choose

The type of home machine you choose to make your coffee while you’re writing is imperative. Think about the type of coffee you want and what you need your machine to do. You may prefer a fully automatic model that can make the drinks you want at the touch of a button or you might enjoy the process and ritual of making coffee so you prefer a more complicated machine. If you don’t already have a specific habit when it comes to making coffee, the machine you choose could be your chance to form one. The ritual, for some, is just as important as the consumption.

  1. Your Coffee Style

Your home machine isn’t only about the functions it performs but also about how it looks in space you put it. Your roll top desk, typewriter, and sepia colored parchment probably won’t be complimented by a sleek and shiny machine and your computer and high tech printers won’t look great next to a copper antique look. If you plan to keep your machine in your writing space, consider how it looks next to what you already have there. A traditional machine could complement your typewriter and antique feel with all the carefully thought out pieces you’ve curated for a specific look. There are many different kinds of machines and you’ll be sure to find one that complements your style.

  1. Overthinking Coffee

As with many things a writer does, it can be easy to overthink each of these factors and work yourself into a frenzy about your home machine. Don’t let all of the choices available get you confused. Take a deep breath, think about what you love, and find a machine that makes you happy. Study the features, call customer service and ask questions, and learn about the machine you like to be sure it’s what you really want. There are experts that can help you choose and it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Coffee is important to a lot of writers but it’s not everything. The caffeine sparks your brain into motion but you are the one that comes up with the ides, not the coffee.

Maintaining the Extra Use

Once you install your home machine, take some time to get to know it and learn about how to use it exactly right. This knowledge will help you keep your machine going longer and give you that precious coffee you love so much. Make sure you can start your day off the way you want to by maintaining your machine properly. Each type of machine has its own set of instructions for cleaning and maintenance. These instructions are likely included with the machine but if you have any questions, it’s important that you ask the manufacturer and find the right answers. The proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your machine a reliable piece of equipment that you can utilize in your writing process as much as you want.

Ways Your Home Machine Can Promote a Happy and Healthy Environment

There are several debates over whether or not drinking coffee every day is good for one’s health and there are new articles cropping up all the time that continue the debate. The facts appear to depend on many factors, like the other things that occur in a person’s daily routine, how they exercise and eat, pre-existing health risks, the body’s natural tolerance to caffeine, and what is added to the coffee that is drunk. The physical effects aside, here we explore how coffee can affect your mood and how the mere aroma and appearance of a good home machine brewing a gourmet drink can make everything about your environment feel better than ever.

The Coffee You Already Drink

Think about how you feel when you drink a cup of coffee. It may be something that you do a few times a day out of habit without even thinking about it and the feeling you get doesn’t register for you anymore. Your day is always the same and coffee is a part of it. You can change that with a home machine that brews better coffee than what you already drink. Instead of adding more coffee to your day and risking jitters and a crash, try new tastes and aromas that awaken your senses and give you a surge of positive energy.

Coffee and Depression

A study cited by Psychology Today in 2012 explores the evidence of coffee as an effective antidepressant. Most of the results suggest that there is no definitive proof that coffee can be used to stave off depression the same way as other clinically proven techniques, but it does stand show that many people who drink coffee in moderation are essentially happy. The facts from the study also state that “80% of the caffeine in the world is consumed as coffee.” Caffeine itself does have the power to lift your mood and the world loves to consume it in the form of coffee. If you have to moderate your coffee habits, your best bet is a home machine that gives you an excellent product.

Taste and Aroma

These things matter and they’re different for everyone so if you’re jaded by the coffee you drink now, it’s a good idea to explore new coffee strengths and flavors to discover something you truly love. There’s more than simply the kinds of beans you brew in your home machine. You can also try to find out how milk steamers can be added to your home café implements to give you new drinks you never imagined you could make at home. Grinders are also important because different machines and coffees require different consistencies of the grounds. If you’re not sure what you want to try before you buy your own machine, try out new drinks at your local café to see what you like and then learn how to make them at home.

The Way Your Machine Looks

Your home machine is more than a great coffee maker, it is also another addition to the design of your kitchen. You want it to look beautiful as well as deliver a gourmet brew to your coffee mug. Look at your kitchen and measure the empty spaces before you shop for a new machine. Find out exactly how it will fit into the places you already have and if you’ll need to move things around to make room. You may find that this is an opportunity to create a whole new look to the place you use every day. Those changes on their own can help your environment feel better and you may also want to consider a classic look for your machine or something new that highlights the changes you make.

Coffee At Work

Nearly every workplace has a break area that includes a coffee station and it’s not just a place to get a jolt during the day. Many employees will socialize in this area, take a few minutes to relax and gather themselves, and savor a good cup of coffee. Include a new gourmet machine in this area to make your employees feel good about the coffee they drink. They’ll waste less time trying to run out to the café for something satisfactory and the company will save money ordering out. Any clients who come in for a meeting will be impressed by what you serve them and it will be available right in the office every time.

Friends and Family

A new home machinecan make your own environment happier but it can also do wonders for the way you entertain friends and family when they come over for the next gathering or party. You can bring smiles not only to your own face but to the face of everyone else who graces your home with their presence. You’ll have the pleasure of being the hit of every party and holiday you host and the best part is that you won’t be expending a huge extra effort! Your home machine will do all of it for you.

Let the Magic of Coffee Change Your Life

You might already know the wonders that coffee can do but there is so much more that you can enjoy with a gourmet home machine. Before you make your purchase, know about all the things the machine you’re considering can do and research those features. The best way to be sure your getting a machine with which you’ll be satisfied is to choose a gourmet machine but do not do so lightly. Talk to customer service and read your user manual carefully to be able to use each part of your machine correctly and to get the best brew. Using proper maintenance and use, you can enjoy the magic of excellent coffee in your life for several years (or even decades!) to come.

How to Practice Sustainable Habits When Brewing with Your Home Machine

You are a conscious human being that enjoys recycling and other such sustainable practices in your daily life. You grow food in on your balcony and you use your own ceramic cup at work instead of discarding several paper ones. However, when it comes to brewing coffee in your home machine, you may be surprised to know that many of the regular habits that come as second nature do not support a healthy eco system. Learn about how you can change some of your habits to include brewing coffee with the rest of your repertoire of sustainable practices and continuing being the conscious human being you so love to be.

  1. What is Sustainable Coffee?

If you look this term up online, you’ll find many articles not just about sustainable growing practices but also about marketing, fair trade, and other things that seem extremely complicated. There’s a simple way to define what sustainable coffee is and that is the same way that other practices conscious to how they affect the earth are described. As a consumer, you can research the companies you purchase coffee from before you use them in your home machine. You may find that the your conscious is not the only thing that is lighter when you do, for many fair trade and sustainably farmed coffees have a more interesting flavor profile, taste fresher, and last longer.

  1. Doing Your Research

There is a multitude of information on this subject readily available with a few strokes of the keyboard but the best way to find out about the company you want to purchase from is to ask them. If the company is dedicated to good sustainable practices, they’re likely to be transparent about how they grow and market their product. Of course there is the label on the product itself but if you want further proof, look up the company itself and find out how to contact them. Not only will you find out about the company, but this is also a very good way to learn about sustainable practices in general, straight from the people who farm it themselves.

  1. Extend Your Education

Once you’ve learned about where you’re purchasing your sustainable coffee and from whom, you can use similar practices at home. A lot of this is common sense, especially if you’re already aware of how to be conscious about the environment. When it comes to brewing in your home machine, try a few changes to get started instead of changing everything all at once.

  • Start a recycling receptacle specifically for coffee grounds. You can use them in compost or find a place that will accept them for the same purpose. After brewing your coffee, empty the grounds into this receptacle instead of the trash.
  • Be conscious of the amount of water that goes into your home machine. If you know you won’t use what’s in the tank, use less water so that you don’t end up dumping out what goes to waste sitting unused in the tank.
  • Most pod machines use plastic coffee pods for the single serve cups they so conveniently produce. However, those plastic pods are not recyclable and it’s an extreme hassle to get the used coffee grounds out of the pods to put in a recycling receptacle. Instead, opt for a machine that uses pods that are recyclable or reusable pods that can be filled with the sustainable coffee you purchase for regular use.
  • Choose a fully automatic machine as an alternative to the average single serve pod machine. The operation and cleaning won’t be as labor intensive and recycling used coffee grounds as well as choosing the type of coffee you use with be easier.
  1. Choose Your Machine Wisely

One of the best ways to extend sustainable coffee brewing practices in your home may be to purchase a new home machine. The machine you currently use might have been faithful to you for many years but it may also use more electricity and water than a newer model. Go high-end and use something that not only helps you continue your love of the environment but also brews your coffee in a better way with more options for new drinks you couldn’t make at home before. A smaller home machine made for the home or office will use the amount of water and electricity appropriate for the type of use you need.

  1. Use Your Imagination

These guidelines for sustainable coffee practices at home are an excellent start but you can find new ways to use your home machine conscientiously. Creativity breeds ingenuity in these matters and if energy conservation is your passion, you can make all kinds of habits that integrate into your daily life and your love of coffee. There is no limit to the possibilities and every home, office, and kitchen is different. Use your own unique design to your advantage! 

Spread the Word

Sustainability may begin at home but you can do even more to practice energy conservation habits that last. Share your experience with your home machine and sustainable coffee to let others know what they can do to make better habits at home. Use social media to post pictures when you purchase a new machine or to share photos of the new practices you enact in your own home. Talk to your employer about using similar practices in the workplace and encourages others to conserve energy and recycle when it comes to the way they brew coffee. You may even be able to persuade your employer to add a new machine to the coffee area at the office! This will encourage good habits concerning conservation and your coworkers will applaud you and your employer for getting a better machine in the office that gives more options for gourmet coffee beverages at work.

6 Creative Ways to Use Your Home Machine

The Artist’s Toolbox

Consider this term and you’ll probably conjure images in your mind of paintbrushes, pencils, sketchbooks, and other common mediums but these are not the only tools you can use to create beautiful art. Your home machine can be the best new tool to expand your creativity to make, serve, and enjoy coffee drinks that will give you a delightful boost for your day as well as the looks on the faces of every guest that comes over for a gathering.

  1. Coffee Freeze

Often, we make coffee, cappuccino, or espresso from a home machine and we’re in a hurry. The beverage is too hot to sip but the idea of adding an ice cube feels wrong because you’re sure that you’ll water down the coffee. Try brewing some coffee, letting it cool, and then pouring it into ice cube trays to freeze. Next time you need to cool down your coffee, you can add a coffee ice cube and never worry about watering down your beverage again.

  1. Latte Art

If you’ve ever been to a high-end café (especially during the holidays), you may have noticed the intricate designs done in the foam on top. Some of them are simpler than others and some involve garnishes and other additions. You can produce a similar creation from your home machine with the help of one of many kinds of milk steamers. You can purchase a machine with a steamer wand built in or buy one separately and you’ll be able to steam milk to the desired foam consistency and pour it into a design all your own. Use premade instructions for a design you know or make up your own signature symbol that everyone will remember whenever you serve lattes at your home.

  1. Whip It

This technique refers to whipping cream, which you can have homemade with a whisk or the whisk attachment on an electric mixer. All you need is whipping cream, the whisk or electric mixer, and some confectioner’s sugar. A little bit of cream goes a long way because when you whip it, you’re adding air that will double (or more) its volume. The confectioner’s sugar will sweeten and stabilize your whipped cream so that it stands on top of your coffee beverage or can be put through a pastry bag with a decorative tip. It will take at least twenty minutes to whip the cream, a little less if you use an electric mixer, and the more confectioner’s sugar you use, the more stable it will be when you’re finished. You can also use vanilla pudding or jello powder mix to stabilize and flavor the whipped cream. Try adding a shot of cooled espresso from your home machine to your whipped cream. Use extra confectioner’s sugar to account for the added liquid and top brownies or chocolate cake with a coffee flavored whipped cream!

  1. Layers and Texture

Your home machine may have attachments for plain hot water and milk steamers. You can layer coffee or espresso with foam, tea, spices, and chocolate shavings in a glass mug to create something similar to sand art that you can also drink! Experiment with different mixtures of flavors and layers to find combinations that excite your taste buds. Find yourself some extra glass mugs in different heights and invite some friends over to make coffee art with you. Post photos and recipes on your social media pages to include the rest of your friends and family in the fun.

  1. Embrace Traditional

There are other ways to make coffee beautiful and artistic besides the actual coffee that comes out of your home machine. Some machines have a traditional look with shiny brushed copper or gold colors, rounded shaping, and dials that match the whole scheme. Add a piece to your kitchen that complements your style and brings out your creative nature. Every time you use your traditional machine or entertain in your home, you’ll feel inspired and distinguished seeing the way it works and tasting the product it serves.

  1. The Art of the Dunk

For a long time, donuts, cookies, and biscuits of all kinds have been dunked into coffee beverages to soften them and make them taste better. We enjoy these two things hand in hand and we can do so even more with a few creative twists. Think outside the box and try something new like dunking a mint chocolate cookie into a latte for a mint mocha taste or adding caramel drizzle to biscotti before dunking it in cappuccino. Don’t worry about the idea of messes and drips when it comes to this part of enjoying coffee! Let yourself have a treat and simply savor the taste and texture of your creative endeavors.

Go For the Best

When you’re looking to use your home machine for creative coffee, you’ll want the best machine you can find. Gourmet coffee, espresso, and cappuccino deserves a gourmet machine and you may find that the extra features on a better machine than the one you have give you more options than you ever imagined. Any artist knows that the more tools you have, the more ideas you’ll have to choose from. Consider the types of drinks you want to make and the ways you want to be creative with your coffee before you decide on a machine to purchase. Check out all the features of the machines you are choosing from to be sure that it can do everything you want it to. In addition, inquire about customer service and warrantee information. You may want to look for customer reviews on these matters or ask the company for customer testimonies. If and when your machine needs to be serviced or you’re confused about how to operate it, you’ll be glad that you purchased from a company that can deliver top-notch service. Once you’ve made your decision and had your machine installed, get creative, entertain, and enjoy beautiful coffee!

Discover Your Coffee Personality and the Perfect Home Machine

Think about the way you like to have your coffee. Is it extra hot with foamy milk on top, a shot of espresso straight with gourmet flavor, or maybe a cappuccino with sweet additions and a beautiful garnish? You may not know what your perfect coffee drink is whether you’ve been an enthusiast for years or you’re just starting to whet your coffee curiosity. You might be surprised to know that the way you like your coffee can say a lot about you or even that the way you are could determine what your coffee bliss could be. Learn about the fun of matching coffee to personality and find the home machine that will deliver your coffee soul mate whenever you want it right in your own kitchen.

  1. What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

If you already have a favorite coffee drink, it will be fun for you to learn a little bit about what it says about you. Maybe your favorite drink doesn’t match your personality quite like you thought it would and you could be compelled to try something new, which leads to all kinds of delicious possibilities. According to an infographic that Time.com put out in April of 2014, there are a few personality traits that match up with all kinds of coffee drinks. Discover more about yours and you can find the home machine that completes you. Remember, don’t take it too seriously, coffee is about fun and energy.

  1. Espresso

Let’s explore some of the things that are attributed to most espresso drinkers. The straight shot of espresso is usually drunk by those who lean toward leadership roles, and these people mean business. They don’t have time for a full cup of coffee. They want the quick burst of gourmet flavor and boundless energy that helps them tackle challenge after challenge throughout the day. If this sounds like you, an espresso machine is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Get your fix in the morning, after lunch for a quick boost that gets you over the midday hump, or at night when you need a little extra to keep you going until the wee hours of the morning.

  1. Black Coffee

Many people, especially enthusiasts of the best kinds of coffee, will tell you that black coffee with no extra additions can taste truly amazing. Sure, you’re skeptical, but if you’ve ever tasted what comes out of pod machines, your mind might be changed. There are a lot of flavored coffees and robust tastes that can be added to pod machines to give you the perfect cup in minutes with the touch of a button. The drinker of black coffee doesn’t want to bother with adding milk and sugar. They are the ones that give it to you straight and often the most honest of people. They want coffee in its true form, not with flavor that’s been obscured by additions. If that sounds like you, pod machines might be something you want to take a look at.

  1. Cappuccino

The cappuccino has layers, much like the person who loves to drink it. Cappuccino lovers tend to be the most imaginative of the coffee personality bunch and they’re very friendly and good at talking to people. The Frappuccino lover is similar but a little more daring. The iced nature of the drink and the embellishments on top denote a person who is very artistic and probably impulsive. We all need a little cappuccino in our lives but those who love to have one every day will benefit from the home cappuccino machine and having the ability to spark their creativity whenever they please.

  1. Lattes

The latte is like an espresso that has been dressed up and there are many kinds of espresso machines with the attachments for you to do it all in your own kitchen. The latte drinker, like the espresso drinker can be hard working but also like those who love to dress up, they also enjoy pleasing others. The latte drinker is a gentle soul, who enjoys cutting the bitterness of a strong espresso with the velvet smoothness of steamed milk. You can find an espresso machine that is all dressed up, just like your espresso will be when you turn it into a latte.

  1. The Importance of Getting the Best

Whichever home machine you choose, you should take care to choose one that is among the elite. There are a lot of different machines out there and the choice can seem almost as difficult as choosing your favorite coffee drink. Be sure to look at every feature, see how they work, ask questions about maintenance, so that you know you’re choosing the machine that matches you and your lifestyle. You’ll want something that you can operate easily and clean safely. If you take a look at a complicated machine, however shiny and enticing it is, and you’re not certain you’ll be able to operate it once it’s installed, you’ll end up with that machine sitting on your countertop unused.

Share Your Thoughts

Choosing coffee drinks according to personality traits is incredibly entertaining, as you may have learned while reading this article. Share your thoughts with your friends, including the thoughts you have about which home machine you want to include in your kitchen, and you’ll find yourself laughing and having a lot of fun choosing which coffee drinks match each other well. Who knows, you might discover a few things about yourself, your friends, and the kinds of coffee you love. Explore the gourmet experience and enjoy the nuances that every taste has to offer. There is a lot to learn about coffee and the many ways it can be prepared. When you install your new home machine, there will be no end to the combinations you’ll want to create!

Beyond Breakfast: Get the Most Out of Your Home Machine

Most people get up and have a cup of coffee with breakfast, or before they eat anything at all. Some people have meals comprised entirely only of coffee. It’s a popular time to drink it, to get a boost for the day and feel good about moving. We see coffee as the drink to pair with baked goods, sweet treats, and sometimes eggs and bacon. What you may not realize is that coffee not only pairs well with other foods but it also helps with digestion, among many other benefits besides a beautiful taste and aroma. Learn how to recognize the meals that can be enhanced by coffee so you can get even more use out of your home machine. You’ll be surprised how much more you can do.

  1. The After Dinner Drink

One way to include the use of your home machine with every meal is to have coffee after dinner (or breakfast or lunch) to top of the way you enjoy your food. Many types of coffee drinks like cappuccino or a latte can be mixed with spices or flavored syrups to resemble something like a dessert, or even better than dessert. After you have your meal, enjoy a coffee drink and you’ll have the energy to keep going with the rest of your day. Have your workout, some after dinner conversation, and the motivation to simply get through the second half of the workday with the same fervor that you had when it began.

  1. Common Coffee Pairings

In order to recognize the meals that you can add coffee to, you should first know the common tastes with which coffee is often paired. This will tell you the best ways to include your home machine in all of your meals. Breads, other baked goods, and chocolate are the most popular tastes that people like to pair with coffee drinks. Along with those, nuts and tart fruits not only match pleasantly but also tend to cut out the bitterness that occurs with some kinds of coffee. This is also true for salty foods like the bacon and breakfast meats that often make appearances at the table in the morning. You can mix and match all of these tastes with the different kinds of coffee to make delicious combinations.

  1. Different Coffee Types

A frequent mistake that happens when attempting to pair coffee is using the wrong type of beans to brew your drink. Your home machine is not limited to one kind of coffee and you can try new brands, strengths, and flavors to find the one that works best with your meal. The espresso machine, cappuccino machine, or other kind of coffee maker you have may open your eyes to these new types of coffee, giving you a truly gourmet experience.

  1. Make Your Meals

Now that you know the basics, you can get started enjoying coffee with all of your meals. It will take a lot of trial and error to get the best combinations but after a few meals, you’ll get the hang of it and be pairing like a pro.

  • A light meal can still be combined with a good coffee drink for a healthy boost that gets you over that mid-day slump. Summer salads often include notes of citrus or strawberries that go very well with a blonde coffee. Brew this in your cappuccino machine to make it a dessert with your lunch and make it an experience instead of just a break.
  • An iced coffee drink from your espresso machine makes an excellent addition to steak and potatoes, a good burger with fries, or a chicken dinner topped with a heavy cream sauce. The result will be refreshing and will help you from feeling like you ate way too much after such a big meal.
  • Spruce up any barbeque with flavored coffee drinks using syrups and toppings that add a decadent touch to your meal. Instead of a soda, have coffee and feel a new kind of happiness the next time you eat ribs.
  1. Take it Outside the Home

These meal suggestions will make your coffee experiences even better but think of the enjoyment you can bring to your employees and colleagues if you add an espresso or cappuccino machine to your office environment. As much as you love using your home machine with every meal you make, the others at your office might get the same feeling when they enjoy coffee drinks with the things they eat. They’ll be able to have the tastes and energy boost they want without having to waste time leaving the office. Not only will you be adding a mood elevator to the environment but you might even notice an increase in productivity. When people love where they are and what they have there, they’re much more likely to want to do more with their days.

Maintaining the Extra Usage

As you begin to use your home machine more frequently, you’ll also have to maintain and clean to keep it working effectively. Check back with the users manual to find out if you’re doing everything correctly and don’t be afraid to call the customer service number if you have any questions. A gourmet experience every day and with all of your meals depends on this maintenance. You may also want to consider ordering extra parts like filter baskets and other pieces that can be removed for cleaning. This way, you can set aside parts as you use them in a basin of warm soapy water and use a new part and wait to clean them all together at the end of the day. You’ll reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do because you’ll find that cleaning several small parts together actually takes almost the same amount of effort as cleaning them one at a time. The extra cleaning and maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy coffee with every meal and learn about pairing in a taste adventure you never imagined.

The Costs and Benefits of Your Next Double Boiler Espresso Machine Purchase

Your Espresso Machine Purchase

Realizing you want to produce espresso in your own kitchen yields the decision to buy a home machine. You will then notice that there are many different models to choose from and you might be overwhelmed about which one to choose. Double or single boiler? Traditional or fully automatic? Do you want your machine to steam milk for you? Do you want your machine to grind your espresso beans and if so, what kind of grinder should be included? These choices do not have to be overwhelming. By figuring out a few simple answers, you’ll be able to find the perfect machine for you and your home.

  1. Double and Single Boilers

If you’ve seen a double boiler pot that some people use for melting chocolate or other things, this is not the same. The amount of boilers on your espresso machine refers to the functions it will be able to perform. A single boiler machine has just that, a single boiler. It can only boil water to brew espresso OR steam milk. It can’t do both at the same time. Many single boiler machines have a traditional look and might come in copper or other shiny looking and beautiful designs. A double boiler is a little larger and can have boiling water ready to both steam your milk and brew your espresso at the same time.

  1. Milk Steamers

The design and compact size of many single boiler and traditional home machines may appeal to you and your needs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t steam your milk and enjoy lattes as well. You’ll probably have to do a bit more work and you’ll have more parts to clean but milk steamers will get the job done. Since these parts don’t attach to you machine, you’ll be able to store them separately and keep extra room in your kitchen.

  1. Grinders

Your machine may be equipped with a grinder or you may choose to purchase one separately. Grinders are a matter of preference, with some people who are perfectly okay with a blade grinder and others who prefer the more precise method of a burr grinder. Burr grinders use a surface to literally grind the espresso beans against another surface. The result is uniform grounds that are better for packing into an espresso machine’s basket. Also, those uniform particles make it easier for the water to brew through the grounds more effectively. You’ll get more consistency in the strength and flavor of your espresso with this type of grinder. If your machine includes a grinder, make sure you inquire as to what type it is, blade or burr.

  1. Fully Automatic

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have anything to do with how your espresso is made. A fully automatic machine, when turned on, has the components to brew whatever type of espresso drink you like with the touch of a button. You’ll have to fill the machine with water, espresso beans, and keep it cleaned and maintained. These are the double boilers that have tanks for boiling water for both espresso and steaming milk. This is the kind of machine that is excellent for entertaining or the espresso lover on the go. If you’re always on the way out of the house, this is the machine you can turn on, press a couple of buttons, and have your latte without ever having to make a stop at a café on your way to your next destination.

  1. Aesthetics

You’ve taken the time to painstakingly design your kitchen exactly the way you want it and your new espresso machine should match up with the aesthetics. The different models are all there to help with this decision. A traditional model has a lot of flair and a very distinct look while the more commercial models may have more functions but are usually larger and sometimes cumbersome if your kitchen space is small. Be sure to measure the space you’ll be putting your new machine carefully. Leave room for the machines around it and to remove the machine from the space for cleaning and that there is a power source close by. In the end, it has to look good to you because you’re the one who will be looking at it and using it every day.

  1. Functionality

What do you want your espresso machine to do? It may be a personal machine just for you or something you’re purchasing for your office and all the employees to use. A machine that will get heavy use needs to be able to handle that traffic and a machine that won’t get as much use might be one you’d like to have that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Take these considerations into mind before you make your purchase and you’ll know that the machine you have is the one you’ve always wanted.

The Financial Side

After you get your answers, the espresso machines you look at could be pretty expensive. Do not let this stop you from making a purchase. If an espresso machine is what you want, it’s best to go high end. The better machines will give you the kind of brew you’re looking for and will last longer. Check with the manufacturer for payment plans, warrantee information, and service packages to keep your machine running in top shape for as long as possible. Proper cleaning and maintenance will be the best way to enjoy your machine every day. If this is a purchase you’re making for a large household or an office where many people will be using it, educate the other people about the way the machine is supposed to be used as well as how it should be cleaned between uses. A high-end machine will give you the gourmet experience that you and everyone else who uses your machine can really feel good about. Make a good decision with an excellent purchase!

Learn to Make Gourmet Coffee in Your Home Machine Like a Pro

Your time is valuable and there is no reason why you should have to spend precious minutes of it standing in a line at a coffee shop waiting for your next latte. Your home machine can make all the drinks you love without you ever having to step foot outside your kitchen in the morning. Learn a few easy tops and soon you’ll be adding a dollop of whipped topping exactly the way you want it to garnish a drink made specifically for you.

  1. Know Your Foam

When you order a latte, the steamed milk on top is often referred to as foam but not all foam is the same. You could be looking for milk that was simmered, that is just beginning to bubble, or that has been all the way steamed until it looks light as air. Learning how to foam your own milk is as simple as heating up some milk. Use a saucepan with high sides and start the heat low. Note how the milk looks in its different stages and how long it takes to get to the consistency you want it. There’s a bit of trial and error involved but once you get there you’ll know how to get it right quickly every time. You can also purchase one of many different kinds of steamers that will steam your milk to the consistency you like in even less time than it will take to use the stove.

  1. Get Acquainted with Temperature

Most people like their coffee hot and some people like their coffee super hot, lukewarm, or iced. There are many different types of home machines and if you’re particular about the temperature of your coffee, you can find a gourmet model that can help you regulate the temperature of the coffee that comes out of your machine. You’ll have the drink of your choice steaming hot, icy cold, or somewhere in between whenever the mood strikes.

  1. Experiment with Add Ins

Have you ever been behind someone in line at the coffee house and heard someone order a half-caf-extra hot-light foam-soy-mocha latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon, one pump of raspberry, and no whip? You wonder what exactly that is, how it might taste, or if all of those words are really necessary. With a home machine, you can experiment with these kinds of add ins without having to deliver a mouthful to a barista with a dozen people behind you on line. Sprinkle some cinnamon into your coffee grounds, try a pinch of nutmeg, or add dried fruit or chocolate shavings. Many stores or online distributors will even deliver samples of flavored syrup for you to try if you ask for them.

  1. Get a Little Creative

Coffee can be beautiful and not just in the way it tastes and smells. Once you learn about foam and milk steamers, you can learn about making art in your foam the same way that the café does. Of course this type of garnish is not exactly needed to make your drink better but ambiance can make a world of difference in the way you start your day. Imagine looking down into your morning (or afternoon or evening) jolt and seeing a pretty design instead of just coffee and milk. It’s almost as fun to make as it is to drink and your guests will be in awe when you serve this coffee at the table.

  1. Branch Out

Your own signature drink is waiting for you to create it and your home machine is the best tool you have to do so. Name the drinks you discover, post pictures and recipes on your social media pages, and become the gourmet coffee mogul among your friends. Start with the drinks you already know and learn to make them at home and then branch out to create your own masterpiece.

  1. Don’t Forget to Top it Off

This term usually refers to adding more coffee to that which has gone cold or topping off what’s in your cup to get rid of the last of the pot. In this case, we’re talking about the garnish. There is foam and whipped topping, of course, but there are other ways to top off your coffee drinks that give them a special touch. Try a curl of chocolate shaving, some crushed almonds or walnuts, or dried berries to adorn the top of your foamy beverage. Do something a little different to make your day better every time you turn on your home machine.

  1. Coffee Variety

There’s more to making gourmet coffee than the milk you steam and the garnishes with which you top off each drink. The different types of coffee you use can also make a difference in the finished product that comes out of your home machine. Try the different varieties of coffee from a bold French roast to an  Italian blend or a light blonde coffee. It’s likely there are many out there that you’ve never even heard of and each one has its own flavor and strength that you may or may not enjoy.

Share Your Love of Coffee

In addition to using your home machine to making drink discoveries that you share online, you can also have a coffee party where everyone comes to try out your creations in person. Set your table with themed plates and cups, add some candles, and put it all on top of a nice tablecloth. Your friends and family will be happy to spend a day trying out a new coffee experience without having to deal with the lines and high price of a coffee shop. Use tiny cups to make samples of your drinks and pass out recipe booklets so your friends can treat you the next time you’re at their house too. Together, you can share your love of coffee and use its beautiful taste and aroma to have the best party you’ve ever thrown.

8 Creative Coffee Dates Using Your Espresso Machine at Home

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, the idea of date night can become monotonous but you can use your very own espresso machine to spice up your next date night and make it something your significant other won’t forget. Use these suggestions to create a coffee date at home that might be sweet, romantic, or relaxing. Find out how you won’t have to leave the house or wait in endless lines on date night to have a memorable evening.

  1. The After Hours Sweet Night In

Not everyone with a career has the chance to leave the office early on Friday night and head home for a date with their favorite person. When you’re stuck working late, plan a night at home baking cupcakes, watching your favorite movies, and wrapping it all up with espresso that keeps you awake to enjoy it all no matter how late you end up getting home.

  1. Sunday Brunch at Home

For a long time, brunch was the trendy thing to do but now there aren’t too many people out there who want to go out for the breakfast/lunch combo after sleeping in until noon. You and your significant other can bring brunch home with your espresso machine as the star player. Cook your favorite foods or order in and add the café experience to your breakfast/lunch combo to have a brunch that’s even better than the brunch you used to know.

  1. The Gourmet Coffee Experience

Turn your kitchen table into a gourmet experience if you’re lucky enough to own a gourmet espresso machine and the right coffee beans. Head over to your local bakery, find some beautiful pastries, and set your table to complete the ambiance. Pull out the good china, use cloth napkins, and light some candles to have a gourmet coffee date that costs less than going out and will still wow your significant other.

  1. Espresso Picnic on the Patio

Nothing will make your patio picnic better than some iced espresso blended with ingredients that create a dessert you’ll love. The view takes care of itself when you have a nice breeze and a pretty day. You can bring the creation from your espresso machine to a private picnic on your own patio or you can take it with you to the park and enjoy the wonders of nature along with the beautiful person at your side.

  1. The Perfect First Act

You might not want to stay home all night and that’s okay. Your espresso machine can provide the perfect first act to your night out, giving you a boost to get out the door and a delicious few minutes alone with your significant other before you leave. Enjoy an espresso while you’re getting ready for a big night out together and relish in the aroma and taste of this quick boost. Have the perfect first act and then dance the rest of the night away!

  1. Game Night Revival

If you have kids at home and you can’t find someone to watch them while you go out, enjoy a night in and let your espresso machine give you the energy to revive the idea of game night. You won’t have to trudge through board games when you have the luxury of as much espresso as you need to take you through the night. Infuse new life into the fun you have with your kids and bring back the tradition of real connections on a special night with the family. Add a twist like theme decorations or costumes to make the night even better and bring a nostalgic touch to your time together.

  1. Let the World Fall Away

Fill your home with the smell of espresso and settle in with the one you love, your favorite hot beverage, relaxing music, and a few good books. Let the world fall away and use your home machine to have a night of reading, conversation, and no one else in the world but the two of you. Instead of the hustle and bustle of a café in the bookstore, create the same environment in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Home for Lunch Date

The busiest of us can sometimes even have trouble finding a couple hours free in the evening but you can have a lunch date at home complete with espresso to beat that mid day slump. Enjoy lunch at home with your sweetheart and have a cup of espresso to top it off. Make your busy day a happy day by taking just a few moments to have lunch in a place you love with a person you love.

Observe Proper Maintenance of Your Home Machine

Owning your own machine can be great fun but if your machine dies out quickly, that will be the end of the creative coffee dates you worked so hard to make. Observing proper maintenance will ensure that your machine keeps running for years to come and you’ll be able to make the drinks you love. All it takes is a few minutes a day to keep your machine maintained. Read the users’ manual or call customer service to find out the best ways to clean and how you should maintain your machine.

Learn to Make Espresso Right

The best way to make your coffee dates at home the best they can be is to learn how to use your home machine correctly. Teach yourself about making espresso and find out how you can add to your coffee beans before they’re brewed and give each drink a gourmet touch that is even more special than anything you’ll find in a café. Before you know it, you’ll be giving the baristas a run for their money and impressing your love with the skills you have to make coffee beautiful.

Use Your Espresso Machine to Become a More Productive Person

The simple aroma of a good cup of coffee can be enough to put a smile on your face and make you feel happy about the day ahead. Now, what if you could make that aroma a gourmet experience that keeps you from having to stop at a café on the way to work every morning? Adding an espresso machine to your kitchen gives you the opportunity to fill a part of your home with a smell that you associate with great positivity and an overall sense of getting started on the right foot.

Your Past Home Coffee Experiences

In the past, you may remember your parents waking up a few minutes earlier than they had to so they could fill the coffee machine’s tank with fresh water and the filter basket with grounds from a can on the counter. They’d walk around the kitchen with grunts and droopy eyes until the brew was finished and then pour their steaming cups for consumption with breakfast. It was an essential part of going from zombie to actual human every day. When you decided to buy your own home machine in your first apartment, you might have found out that those grounds from the can and the vigilante coffee maker you found on sale at the local big box store produces something between lighter fluid and bitter dirt. You developed a ritual for adding flavored creamers and sugar to your drink to make it consumable and eventually, when the pot was half finished and you wondered if you might also drink the cold dregs of the rest of it, you started to wake up.

The advent of some fully automatic machines and other types of coffee grounds has made the home coffee experience a little better but there is still room for improvement, especially when it comes to the effectiveness of your home brew. Throw your bad coffee experiences behind you and forget about them when you add an espresso machine to your kitchen. The decision to end the abuse of past coffee machines is taking control of your morning and learning about what gourmet coffee can really do for you.

Using Your New Machine

An espresso machine is similar to using a regular coffee maker but there are some distinct differences. While these differences may seem to make the machine more complicated, don’t forget about the product you’re getting from the sum of its parts and how good it smells, tastes, and makes you feel.

  • Espresso is made by hot water being pushed through finely ground and tightly packed gourmet coffee beans by a pump within the machine. The parts should be cared for and cleaned regularly so they work properly and the basket that holds the grounds emptied after each use.
  • Some people find espresso to be bitter but you don’t have to add a ton of milk and sugar to make it bearable if you’re one of those people. You can add spices to the grounds like cinnamon, cardamom, or even shaved chocolate to cut that one flavor and still enjoy your espresso straight. Simply add the ingredients to grounds before brewing and the pressurized way that the water is pumped through the beans incorporates everything together very nicely and smoothly.
  • The fully automatic espresso machine is a wonderful way to wake up to the beautiful smell of espresso brewing in your kitchen. Simply prepare the machine the night before and when you get up in the morning, you’ll get a gourmet brew that takes only one cup to get you jump started.
  • Serve espresso in tiny cups on saucers with the finest baked goods your local bakery can muster up and you’re next gathering of family and friends will be an impressive feat that is talked about at every other gathering after it. You’re guests will feel like they’re in a trendy coffee house when really they’re at a nicely decorated kitchen table and that espresso came right form your own kitchen.

Espresso and Your Productivity

Everyone knows that caffeine gives you a boost for a few hours that makes you feel like a super hero, especially when it wears off and you see how much you’ve gotten done. What you may not realize is that the source of your caffeine matters. Coffee and energy drinks might get the job done but an espresso machine delivers a product that is top of the line in more than one way. The taste and smell contribute to its potency, elevating your mood and relieving stress at the same time. You won’t have to drink several cups or keep refreshing the one that goes cold before you can finish it because you only need a little bit of espresso to go a long way. Treat yourself to one good coffee break after lunch from your espresso machine and you’ll find that you’re not wasting your time making cup after cup of coffee that doesn’t work as well as espresso. Also, you’ll look like the trendiest person among your friends when you’re posting your selfie with a tiny cup of espresso to sip on instead of an oversized mug of whatever brew is available.

A Labor of Love

An espresso machine may take a little extra maintenance and effort to brew the perfect cup but the end result is something far superior to the average cup of coffee. Whether you’re making it for yourself or you’ve convinced the office manager to add an espresso machine to the beverage station at work, you’ll be much more satisfied with what you get from this new machine as opposed to the regular coffee maker your parents used. Don’t hesitate to step up your coffee game and graduate to a brew that will give you a better morning every day of the week!

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