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Use Your Cappuccino Machine to Chase Away the Seasonal Blues

We’ve turned back our clocks and the days are shorter, giving us less sunlight and more cold weather. When the clouds and the frigid air get you down, you might turn to a hot cappuccino to make your day better. If you have a cappuccino machine at home, this concept is a lot easier. You’ll be able to brew your favorite hot beverages in your cozy home any time you’d like and you can find recipes that will perk up even the gloomiest of days.

Seasonal Blends

Many kinds of coffee grounds come in seasonal or holiday blends that are created to enhance the happiness of the season and warm you from head to toe. Next time you’re at the neighborhood coffee shop, look for or inquire about their holiday blend and if you can purchase a bag of grounds for home use in your cappuccino machine. Some places will even grind whole beans right there in the shop so you can use them as soon as you get home.

Flavors That Warm You

This season often reminds us of pumpkin pie, cinnamon sticks, and spiced apple cider and these are flavors that you can include in your cappuccino machine recipes to warm you more than the average beverage. Let your mood be lifted with the temperature and aroma of one of these drinks in your hand. A few additions and toppings will make your beverage look and taste like warmth with every sip.

Add a little nutmeg to coffee grounds before brewing for an aromatic experience and a bit of a spicy taste. Compliment the grounds with a pinch of cinnamon and you’ll have a beverage akin to the taste of spiced cider. You can take it further with some vanilla or caramel syrup to your liking, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle some extra cinnamon on top. For a real cinnamon treat, stir your cappuccino with a cinnamon stick.

Flavors That Perk Up

Warmth and spice can be comforting, but sometimes in the cold weather, you are looking for a drink that will make you feel like you’re joining the season instead of fighting it. Cool flavors or ones reminiscent of spring and summer can give you this kick while still allowing you to enjoy a hot beverage from your cappuccino machine. Mint and raspberry are compliments to cappuccino that will be a sweet way to perk up your day.

Use mint or raspberry syrup to flavor your cappuccino after it is brewed for an easy way to get the taste you’d like. You can also try some combinations of the two that will be sweet and cool for a multi-level experience you’ll really love. Some raspberry syrup garnished with a sprig of mint on top of your cappuccino is a wonderful way to achieve this combination.


There are a lot of different types of chocolate that you can add in many ways to give your cappuccino a richer texture and a warm flavor. Each type has a different reaction to the products of your cappuccino machine and can be added in certain ways that enhance flavor and texture.

Milk chocolate and white chocolate have a low melting point and a smooth texture. These varieties are excellent for adding to finished cappuccino for a velvety rich chocolate flavor and texture. Add a few small pieces to the bottom of the cup before brewing and it will melt when the cappuccino hits it. Combine this variety with cinnamon or caramel for a premium drink. Add sea salt to caramel for a real treat!

Dark chocolate varieties are more brittle and take a little more to melt. For this reason, they’re perfect for adding to grounds before brewing. Grind the chocolate or shave some off of a block using a very sharp knife or cheese grater and mix it into the grounds before adding to the cappuccino machine. The mix will be sharper than milk chocolate or white chocolate varieties but will still produce a rich flavor addition. This addition combines well with mint or raspberry because the sweet and cool flavors cut the bitterness of very dark chocolate.


A cappuccino is already topped with foam but you can add other garnishes to really create an out of this world beverage. Whipped topping is probably the most popular of the bunch, adding a burst of cold to the hot beverage that is smooth and not enough to cool it down to lukewarm. You’ll still have a hot drink but when it comes through the cold whipped topping it will be just the right temperature.

Cinnamon sticks aren’t the only garnish you can use to stir your cappuccino and add flavor. Try a candy cane or old-fashioned stick of candy in a complementary flavor to the ones you chose for your beverage. It will look great and enhance the taste in ways you never imagined! You can also top finished cappuccino with a hint of spice such as nutmeg, sea salt, mint sprig, cinnamon, or even crushed up dried fruit.

The Iced Option

Iced cappuccino drinks are probably the last thing on your mind in cold weather, especially because your cappuccino machine isn’t going to support brewing over ice. However, you might be surprised that the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” philosophy sometimes works when the bitter cold seeps in. Shake your cappuccino in a drink shaker with some ice to get a blended option that tastes delicious.

Premium Machines for Premium Beverages

All of these ideas are recipes and additions that will deliver beverages to improve your mood and make you feel good about winter coming to stay, but none of them will come out very well if you have a sub-par cappuccino machine. Don’t skimp on your equipment! A little research will go a long way and you’ll have a machine that you can use for many more winters to come. Make sure the machine you choose is premium quality so you can enjoy premium beverages.

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