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Impress Every Audience with a Cappuccino Machine at Your Beverage Station

Performances can range from concerts to dances, business presentations and lectures, and every one of them usually has some sort of intermission or a period of socialization at the end. At that time, it is common to offer the guests in your audience refreshments and often what you serve is either the icing on top of an excellent performance or the lackluster spread that is remembered instead. A cappuccino machine is one way to ensure that your refreshments fall into the former category and not the latter, giving your audience a reason to happily discuss what they saw, enjoyed, or learned with their friends and colleagues after they league.

  1. The Size of Your Audience

Before you purchase a cappuccino machine that’s too large or too small, consider the size of the audience you’ll frequently be serving. If you’re dealing with a sold out concert hall five days a week, a commercial machine will be a better choice but if your audiences are business meetings with a dozen people around a conference room table, a smaller machine will be less cumbersome and costly.

  1. Time Allotted for Intermission

Your audience is likely to love the cappuccino you provide, but not if they don’t have enough time to drink it because they’re waiting around for it to be made. If you don’t have much time allotted in your intermission, a fully automatic machine will give your guests the delicious beverage they’ve been promised without the disappointment of never receiving it after waiting through the whole intermission.

  1. Planning a New York Excursion

One of the most popular excursions that brings an audience are the many performances and even businesses that are visited in New York City, and one of them could be yours. If your audience is making their way to NYC to see you and your performance, it’s a good idea to provide them with tips about planning their excursion. You can give them a cappuccino machine and the best beverages they’ve ever had but if they never get there to enjoy it, how can you ever show off what you’ve done? To those who aren’t native New Yorkers, the city can be overwhelming and difficult to get around. By providing a bit of guidance, you’ll be going above and beyond to make sure your guests get the best experience possible.

  1. Extras

Providing a cappuccino machine at your beverage station during intermission is a beautiful contribution, and pairing it with baked goods and other options for enhancement adds to the experience positively. Create a spread that looks and tastes wonderful and be sure to also provide napkins, plates, and utensils if necessary. People during intermission will be walking around and with a cappuccino in one hand and a baked good in the other, they won’t have any hands left to wipe stray crumbs or dabs of jam. It may even be a good idea to put a couple of small tables around at standing height for people to put down their cups, plates, or napkins and trash receptacles to discard finished refreshments. This will keep the area clean and everyone comfortable as they socialize.

  1. Enhancements

Not everyone likes their cappuccino made exactly the same way. You can put out different kinds of sweetener, garnish, flavored creamers, or any other enhancements you can think of that help your guests enjoy their beverages exactly to their own specifications. If your audience is small, you could find out about specific preferences in order to add a personal touch to your presentation that makes every one of them feel like a VIP.

  1. Presentation

After you’ve gathered all of your enhancements and extras, you’ll have to arrange them with your cappuccino machine so that everyone can get to what they need in due time without jostling and congestion around the beverage station. Take into consideration once again the size of your audience, time allotted for intermission, and the amounts of extras and enhancements you want to display. Each one of these factors is important to the presentation and if you play your cards right, you’ll have a beautiful spread that flows well and provides refreshments to everyone in your audience.

  1. Travel and Safety

It’s likely that your beverage station won’t be a static part of your performance, nor will your performance be a static part of the area where the performance takes place. You’ll need to transport your cappuccino machine and everything else safely and efficiently. The best way to do this is to create a designated travel box or container for your items that you can add padding or other protective material each time you transport. Organize your other items and create a designated container for them as well. If you’re transporting in a personal vehicle, you should also put your containers on the floor or somewhere else where it is least likely to slide around or fall forward.

Choosing Your Machine

After you’ve decided on all the particulars, it’s time to choose your cappuccino machine. Use the information you’ve gathered to figure out which machine will be able to accommodate your needs as well as hold up to the amount of service you’ll be providing. In the case of putting out a machine that is meant to wow audiences, you should also think about aesthetics. The machine should look great as well as operate the way it should and the best way to do that is to go gourmet. All in all, scrutinize every feature that the manufacturer offers on the machine you are considering and if you have questions, call the customer service line and ask them. When you’re finished and you’ve made your decision, you’ll be happy that you took the time to think about these and your guests will be too! Every performance you put on will have an intermission that leaves them comfortable, refreshed, and ready to enjoy the rest of the night.

Let Your Cappuccino Machine Be the Star of Your Next Day Off

In this world where we constantly use our days off to attend to long forgotten chores and trying to organize outings with family and friends and we try so hard to cram weeks of activity into a few days, hoping we won’t waste one second. We forget about making time to be ourselves, to relax, and do nothing at all but enjoy a delicious beverage and take in a scene of something beautiful. Let your cappuccino machine be the star of your next day off and take the time to truly have a few moments of tranquility.

  1. Re-introduce Yourself

If you already have a cappuccino machine that you use every day, it’s possible that you know the wonders of starting your day with a premium beverage. This doesn’t mean that your days off with cappuccino have to be any less amazing. Take some time to re-introduce yourself to your machine and to all the ways you can make a cappuccino drink that makes you feel good about your day. Learn everything about your machine, find new recipes you want to try out, and different types of coffee and flavoring to enhance your experience.

  1. Step in Lightly

Heading right to a day off where you do nothing all day might be a little too much to handle for any person with an incredibly busy life. If you find yourself bouncing off the walls looking for things to do, try adding cappuccino to the things you want to do in order to associate it with happy times. Use a bulk cappuccino recipe to serve at a party or get together or serve frozen treats made using your cappuccino machine to friends and family. Everyone will have smiles on their faces that radiate to your own and you’ll have more memories to add to the happy bank in your mind. Whenever you sip a cappuccino at work or before the start to any busy day, you’ll have those moments to think about.

  1. Take it Outside

Scenes of nature are can be relaxing even in they’re simply computer printouts or photos you keep at your desk where you can see them. Your cappuccino machine is not limited to beverages that you have to sip at the table. Bring your coffee outside or take it to go in a travel mug and absorb the beauty of nature. You can choose your own backyard, a favorite park, a nature preserve, or even a stop on a hiking trail you love. Breathe in the aroma of your cappuccino along with the scents of trees, flowers, fresh air, and earth. You’ll find it difficult not to relax in such a setting.

  1. Try Something New

The cappuccino you drink every day might give you the energy boost and good feelings you need to be excellent but on your day off, your concentration is likely to be something different. Use your cappuccino machine to make a new beverage that you begin to associate with these moments you get to have for yourself. Try blending it with ice cream, adding a garnish of crushed nuts or chocolate shavings, or even pour a kick into your cappuccino like a liquor that complements the taste. Whenever you want to relax, you can make your special cappuccino drink and put yourself in the mindset you’ve been trying to achieve.

  1. Get a Free Cappuccino

A cappuccino machine at home is a thing to appreciate but there is also one day out of the year where everyone in the country celebrates this wonderful beverage. November is home to National Cappuccino Day and many establishments honor it by offering free or discounted items to allow everyone to enjoy. Find out if an establishment near you knows about the day we all fall in love with cappuccino and if they don’t already know, tell them! Who knows, you could get a special favor for showing them a strategy they never knew existed.

  1. Cappuccino Marathon

There is a term making its way around the virtual world for those of us who choose to curl up on the couch with as many pillows and blankets as we can find and marathon as much of a TV show as possible during our days off. The term is “Netflixing” and it means that you either don’t have time to keep up with the episodes of the stories you love or you want to save it all for one or two days where you get to relax and recharge. Include your cappuccino machine in your Netflixing habits and you’ll be able to enjoy more of the shows you want to watch with the energy you get from a beverage you also enjoy. Pair it with delicious baked goods and your Netflixing days off couldn’t be more complete.

  1. Go Gourmet

Of course, there’s the instance where you don’t yet have a cappuccino machine or you’re looking to upgrade. In this unfortunate case, consider going gourmet and purchasing a machine that can do more than cappuccino and will give you options to have greater control over the way you make your drinks. Take a look at every feature as well as the kind of customer service and warranty that comes with the machine should you happen to need them. You’ll probably end up spending more than you would on a lesser machine but the product you get from it and the years that it lasts will be well worth it.

Be Kind to Your Machine

When using your cappuccino machine during times of relaxation, it can be easy to forget some of the maintenance and cleaning that is involved in keeping it in top shape. Don’t let a lazy day be the reason that your machine falls into disrepair. Be sure that you clean and maintain it properly so that every day off can be as good as the first time you include cappuccino in your relaxation.

Discover Your Coffee Personality and the Perfect Home Machine

Think about the way you like to have your coffee. Is it extra hot with foamy milk on top, a shot of espresso straight with gourmet flavor, or maybe a cappuccino with sweet additions and a beautiful garnish? You may not know what your perfect coffee drink is whether you’ve been an enthusiast for years or you’re just starting to whet your coffee curiosity. You might be surprised to know that the way you like your coffee can say a lot about you or even that the way you are could determine what your coffee bliss could be. Learn about the fun of matching coffee to personality and find the home machine that will deliver your coffee soul mate whenever you want it right in your own kitchen.

  1. What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

If you already have a favorite coffee drink, it will be fun for you to learn a little bit about what it says about you. Maybe your favorite drink doesn’t match your personality quite like you thought it would and you could be compelled to try something new, which leads to all kinds of delicious possibilities. According to an infographic that Time.com put out in April of 2014, there are a few personality traits that match up with all kinds of coffee drinks. Discover more about yours and you can find the home machine that completes you. Remember, don’t take it too seriously, coffee is about fun and energy.

  1. Espresso

Let’s explore some of the things that are attributed to most espresso drinkers. The straight shot of espresso is usually drunk by those who lean toward leadership roles, and these people mean business. They don’t have time for a full cup of coffee. They want the quick burst of gourmet flavor and boundless energy that helps them tackle challenge after challenge throughout the day. If this sounds like you, an espresso machine is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Get your fix in the morning, after lunch for a quick boost that gets you over the midday hump, or at night when you need a little extra to keep you going until the wee hours of the morning.

  1. Black Coffee

Many people, especially enthusiasts of the best kinds of coffee, will tell you that black coffee with no extra additions can taste truly amazing. Sure, you’re skeptical, but if you’ve ever tasted what comes out of pod machines, your mind might be changed. There are a lot of flavored coffees and robust tastes that can be added to pod machines to give you the perfect cup in minutes with the touch of a button. The drinker of black coffee doesn’t want to bother with adding milk and sugar. They are the ones that give it to you straight and often the most honest of people. They want coffee in its true form, not with flavor that’s been obscured by additions. If that sounds like you, pod machines might be something you want to take a look at.

  1. Cappuccino

The cappuccino has layers, much like the person who loves to drink it. Cappuccino lovers tend to be the most imaginative of the coffee personality bunch and they’re very friendly and good at talking to people. The Frappuccino lover is similar but a little more daring. The iced nature of the drink and the embellishments on top denote a person who is very artistic and probably impulsive. We all need a little cappuccino in our lives but those who love to have one every day will benefit from the home cappuccino machine and having the ability to spark their creativity whenever they please.

  1. Lattes

The latte is like an espresso that has been dressed up and there are many kinds of espresso machines with the attachments for you to do it all in your own kitchen. The latte drinker, like the espresso drinker can be hard working but also like those who love to dress up, they also enjoy pleasing others. The latte drinker is a gentle soul, who enjoys cutting the bitterness of a strong espresso with the velvet smoothness of steamed milk. You can find an espresso machine that is all dressed up, just like your espresso will be when you turn it into a latte.

  1. The Importance of Getting the Best

Whichever home machine you choose, you should take care to choose one that is among the elite. There are a lot of different machines out there and the choice can seem almost as difficult as choosing your favorite coffee drink. Be sure to look at every feature, see how they work, ask questions about maintenance, so that you know you’re choosing the machine that matches you and your lifestyle. You’ll want something that you can operate easily and clean safely. If you take a look at a complicated machine, however shiny and enticing it is, and you’re not certain you’ll be able to operate it once it’s installed, you’ll end up with that machine sitting on your countertop unused.

Share Your Thoughts

Choosing coffee drinks according to personality traits is incredibly entertaining, as you may have learned while reading this article. Share your thoughts with your friends, including the thoughts you have about which home machine you want to include in your kitchen, and you’ll find yourself laughing and having a lot of fun choosing which coffee drinks match each other well. Who knows, you might discover a few things about yourself, your friends, and the kinds of coffee you love. Explore the gourmet experience and enjoy the nuances that every taste has to offer. There is a lot to learn about coffee and the many ways it can be prepared. When you install your new home machine, there will be no end to the combinations you’ll want to create!

Beyond Breakfast: Get the Most Out of Your Home Machine

Most people get up and have a cup of coffee with breakfast, or before they eat anything at all. Some people have meals comprised entirely only of coffee. It’s a popular time to drink it, to get a boost for the day and feel good about moving. We see coffee as the drink to pair with baked goods, sweet treats, and sometimes eggs and bacon. What you may not realize is that coffee not only pairs well with other foods but it also helps with digestion, among many other benefits besides a beautiful taste and aroma. Learn how to recognize the meals that can be enhanced by coffee so you can get even more use out of your home machine. You’ll be surprised how much more you can do.

  1. The After Dinner Drink

One way to include the use of your home machine with every meal is to have coffee after dinner (or breakfast or lunch) to top of the way you enjoy your food. Many types of coffee drinks like cappuccino or a latte can be mixed with spices or flavored syrups to resemble something like a dessert, or even better than dessert. After you have your meal, enjoy a coffee drink and you’ll have the energy to keep going with the rest of your day. Have your workout, some after dinner conversation, and the motivation to simply get through the second half of the workday with the same fervor that you had when it began.

  1. Common Coffee Pairings

In order to recognize the meals that you can add coffee to, you should first know the common tastes with which coffee is often paired. This will tell you the best ways to include your home machine in all of your meals. Breads, other baked goods, and chocolate are the most popular tastes that people like to pair with coffee drinks. Along with those, nuts and tart fruits not only match pleasantly but also tend to cut out the bitterness that occurs with some kinds of coffee. This is also true for salty foods like the bacon and breakfast meats that often make appearances at the table in the morning. You can mix and match all of these tastes with the different kinds of coffee to make delicious combinations.

  1. Different Coffee Types

A frequent mistake that happens when attempting to pair coffee is using the wrong type of beans to brew your drink. Your home machine is not limited to one kind of coffee and you can try new brands, strengths, and flavors to find the one that works best with your meal. The espresso machine, cappuccino machine, or other kind of coffee maker you have may open your eyes to these new types of coffee, giving you a truly gourmet experience.

  1. Make Your Meals

Now that you know the basics, you can get started enjoying coffee with all of your meals. It will take a lot of trial and error to get the best combinations but after a few meals, you’ll get the hang of it and be pairing like a pro.

  • A light meal can still be combined with a good coffee drink for a healthy boost that gets you over that mid-day slump. Summer salads often include notes of citrus or strawberries that go very well with a blonde coffee. Brew this in your cappuccino machine to make it a dessert with your lunch and make it an experience instead of just a break.
  • An iced coffee drink from your espresso machine makes an excellent addition to steak and potatoes, a good burger with fries, or a chicken dinner topped with a heavy cream sauce. The result will be refreshing and will help you from feeling like you ate way too much after such a big meal.
  • Spruce up any barbeque with flavored coffee drinks using syrups and toppings that add a decadent touch to your meal. Instead of a soda, have coffee and feel a new kind of happiness the next time you eat ribs.
  1. Take it Outside the Home

These meal suggestions will make your coffee experiences even better but think of the enjoyment you can bring to your employees and colleagues if you add an espresso or cappuccino machine to your office environment. As much as you love using your home machine with every meal you make, the others at your office might get the same feeling when they enjoy coffee drinks with the things they eat. They’ll be able to have the tastes and energy boost they want without having to waste time leaving the office. Not only will you be adding a mood elevator to the environment but you might even notice an increase in productivity. When people love where they are and what they have there, they’re much more likely to want to do more with their days.

Maintaining the Extra Usage

As you begin to use your home machine more frequently, you’ll also have to maintain and clean to keep it working effectively. Check back with the users manual to find out if you’re doing everything correctly and don’t be afraid to call the customer service number if you have any questions. A gourmet experience every day and with all of your meals depends on this maintenance. You may also want to consider ordering extra parts like filter baskets and other pieces that can be removed for cleaning. This way, you can set aside parts as you use them in a basin of warm soapy water and use a new part and wait to clean them all together at the end of the day. You’ll reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do because you’ll find that cleaning several small parts together actually takes almost the same amount of effort as cleaning them one at a time. The extra cleaning and maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy coffee with every meal and learn about pairing in a taste adventure you never imagined.

8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Cappuccino Machine Could Do To Make Your Day Brighter

That first cup you pour in the morning is what gets your day started. It’s the fuel that makes your morning feel good and the jump that kicks you into high gear. While these are wonderful aspects of your favorite hot beverage, you may have forgotten that your cappuccino machine can do a lot more than just help you get on your way to work or give you the energy to make sure the kids get to school on time. There’s more to coffee than a good jolt. Remember the best things about beautiful coffee and learn to enjoy it in all of its glory.


  1. Fill Your Kitchen With the Aroma

A cappuccino machine gives you a beverage that’s better than the average cup of coffee. As your drink brews, stand in the kitchen and breathe in the aroma of your gourmet experience. It’ll be like the appetizer before an amazing meal, priming your taste buds for what is to come. Enjoy this part of the process instead of leaving the room and doing something else while your cappuccino is being created.


  1. Enjoy the Benefits of Mega Antioxidants

If you’ve never heard about the antioxidant properties of coffee before, now is the time to learn. Drinking two or three cups of cappuccino, which is made with espresso, each day can boost your immune system and help you beat a cold, strengthen your resolve, and simply put your body in order. The boost you’ll get is more than caffeine.


  1. Lighten Your Stress

That aroma you filled your kitchen with while you let your cappuccino machine work can be enough to decrease your stress levels. Drinking cappuccino, from the look of it to the taste, texture, and desired temperature, can bring your mood out of the deepest doldrums. When you come home from a long day at work, you know the day ahead of you will be hard, or you need something to get you over the mid-day slump, drink a cappuccino and feel your day get better with every sip.


  1. Pay More Attention

Did you know that the espresso in your cappuccino can help you focus? Your cappuccino machine can chase away the fog in your brain when you’re having “one of those days.” If your lack of focus is due to a condition, there are studies that have shown coffee can help this symptom, along with a host of others. Of course, downing cup after cup can make you jittery, but with some moderation, cappuccino can give you the tools you need to be more productive.


  1. Get More Calcium

Cappuccino is often thought of as coffee but really it’s made with a base of espresso that has a layer of milk that has been heated underneath a layer of pure foam. Unlike the average latte, the milk in this drink has not been steamed to the point of near vaporization. There is heated milk in it as well, giving you a little extra calcium every time you fire up your cappuccino machine for a boost.


  1. Work Out Harder

You can have your coffee and work out too! Some people may tell you that it’s unwise to drink coffee before or after a workout because it can cause dehydration. While this could happen, it’s really only likely if you’re drinking a hot beverage. Shake up your cappuccino with some ice and you’ll find that you get a great boost before and/or after you work up a sweat at the gym. Refresh yourself with a delicious drink that makes you happy with this simple step.


  1. Entertain with Flair

Spruce up every party and gathering by serving the amazing looking and tasting beverages made by your cappuccino machine. It won’t take much extra work to turn your event into one that everyone remembers when you hand out cappuccino at the end of a meal instead of passing around a coffee pot. You can even learn to pour designs in your foam or add garnishes that make your drinks look better than anyone imagined. Cater to themes or simply serve it as is to give your next event a memorable flair.


  1. Find New Experiences

There are different kinds of espresso that you can put into your cappuccino machine and each one will give you a different result when you brew your drink. Experiment with different flavors, strengths, and roasts to find new experiences in coffee you love. There are also different kinds of milk you can use besides cow’s milk. Try coconut milk, almond milk, or goat’s milk for a new taste and texture. Mix and match and you might discover that there’s a cappuccino drink out there you enjoy more than anything you could get in a café.


Discover Your Perfect Machine

If you don’t already have a cappuccino machine, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a model out there for everyone. The choice really depends on what you want from your machine, how much time you’re willing to spend on making your cappuccino, and how much autonomy you’d like to have when it comes to constructing your drinks. A fully automatic machine will do everything for you and usually requires much less maintenance than other machines. A gourmet model can deliver the kind of cappuccino you’ll only find in the cafes you never want to spend your money to enter. You can also choose something that is compact and fits in a smaller kitchen where there isn’t much counter space. Whichever machine you choose, it is important that you take a little time to check out all the features it has to offer, the kind of maintenance it requires, and what kind of customer service is available if you run into trouble. It only takes a little bit of research for you to be able to enjoy all the benefits of your perfect machine for many years to come.

7 Ways to Use Milk Steamers in Your Kitchen for Coffee Drinks

High-end coffee in your home, whether it’s with an espresso machine, cappuccino machine, or something else, is the exciting opportunity to learn how to make your favorite coffee drinks in your own kitchen. One tool you may not have thought about is the milk steamer and it can be the difference between a plain shot of espresso and a professional quality latte.

The Wonder of Beautiful Coffee

Learn about the varieties of steamers and the ways you can use them so you can have the luxury of the latte whenever you please.

  1. Know Your Steamers

You can learn to master equipment that is a little complicated or you go with a fully automatic steamer that does everything for you. The choice you make really depends on what kind of effort you’re willing to put in to making your coffee drink. If you need something quick, fully automatic steamers might be the way to go but there are more functions and options that come with some others. Factors like temperature, foam consistency, milks besides cow’s milk, and the kind of drink you’re looking to make all play a factor. Peruse the selection and be sure to look at every feature as well as the maintenance instructions to find out what’s best for you.

  1. What Kinds of Drinks Do You Like?

If you’re not a latte lover, this conversation about steamers might be lost on you, or you could become a convert who decides they need a steamer in their kitchen. You may not realize as well that the macchiato and the cappuccino can also be achieved with the help of a steamer. If you’ve never had a latte before, it may be a good idea to head to your local café and try one before you commit to purchasing a steamer. There are also other ways to make your own latte at home if you’d like to try your hand at your own version to sample.

  1. Entertainment Value

In addition to the sheer joy of making your own latte, you’ll be opened up to a whole new way to entertain your guests. It could be the next gathering with your family and friends, a book club meeting that needs a bit of perking up, or even a casual night at home with your significant other. Any event large or small can be enhanced by foaming milk over gourmet coffee. Add some garnish and you’ll see a simple coffee drink turn into a beautiful presentation.

  1. Experimentation

Speaking of presentation, owning your own steamers is a great reason to find new coffee drinks or even invent something new. Try layering milk foam with coffee or garnishes or adding new serving elements to the table that pair well with the concoctions you create. Let your imagination run wild with the spices you add to your coffee and the garnishes you top your drinks with to wow those you entertain with drinks they’ll never find at a café.

  1. Steamers Work With Other Milks Too

If the idea of using cow’s milk is stopping you from enjoying a latte, you might be surprised to know that other milks can also be used to make the drinks you can’t usually order at the café. Goat’s milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk can also be used to make coffee drinks and are good alternatives for those who can’t handle dairy. If you’ve ever cooked with different milks as alternatives when dairy is called for, you may have noticed that the finished product isn’t the same as when you use cow’s milk. With a little bit of finesse and the right equipment, you can learn to make the drinks you love and get the consistency you want.

  1. Adjusting The Method

There is more than one way to make a latte and there are other drinks besides lattes that can be made using steamers. The cappuccino and macchiato are just a couple of the other options. In order to get the perfect drink, you’ll have to learn about temperature, froth, steamed milk, and getting the consistency right which isn’t the same for every drink. You can learn to do this without a steamer to see what froth looks like in a larger capacity in a pan if you’d like so you can used to what to look for. When you see it, you can graduate to a steamer and do the same thing in a mug to make your coffee drinks at home.


  1. Don’t Forget Maintenance

Whichever one of the many steamers you choose, make sure you never skimp on maintenance. Learn about how you should clean the steaming wand and if other parts need regular cleaning. With some machines, especially the fully automatic ones, there is a self-cleaning mechanism that makes this step a lot easier. Otherwise, find out which parts can be detached, if any of them are dishwasher safe, and how often they should be cleaned. Look through the user’s manual and call customer service with your questions before you make a plan. Good maintenance makes your steamer last longer and work better.

Enjoy Your Latte

You might be a latte lover, a cappuccino crazy, or a macchiato match. Milk steamers help you enjoy your passion no matter the kind of gourmet coffee drink you’re inclined to create. Now that you know about how to make your own drinks at home, try your hand at one or more of them and look for the steamer that’s right for you. It could be a fully automatic variety, a petite machine, or something more complicated that allows you the freedom to choose temperature, milk variety, and different drinks. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. Simply choose your beverage, obtain your ingredients, and enjoy turning your kitchen into your very own café.

The Stay at Home Mom and the Cappuccino Machine

Mothers who choose to stay at home and care for their children often end up stuck at home all day, or even for many days at a time. They cook, clean, and run after tiny humans on a few hours of sleep and caffeine tends to be a large part of their lives. Unfortunately, as many stay-at-home mothers will attest, all of that work leaves no time to slip out for a latte that can make a tough day seem like a light breeze, and that’s where a cappuccino machine can come in very handy.

Choose Your Machine

Every stay-at-home mom is different, which means they each from a situation that makes their experience relative. Children are unique and one parent may be taking care of several of different ages or one that demands the attention of the same. Either way, a home machine can work wonders for making the day a whole lot more enjoyable.

  • A cappuccino machine is indulgent in a way that doesn’t take up all the space in the kitchen. A mother can have her cappuccino and her preparation and cooking space too! This is the machine for someone who wants to savor their coffee in more ways than one because it’s not just simple, it’s beautiful and it produces a drink which is exactly that.
  • Pod machines offer a simpler solution to the gourmet experience on the go. The machine uses coffee pods instead of measuring grounds into a filter basket and then water pours through the pod instead of dripping slowly. The result is a cup of delicious coffee but some say that it’s not as strong as drip coffee and, depending on the type of pod machine you have, the selection of coffee may be limited.
  • An espresso machine is the crème de la crème for any coffee enthusiast. It provides a cup of coffee that is rich, aromatic, flavorful, and has an excellent kick. The issue that a stay-at-home mom might have with this machine is that it often requires a bit more work to get the finished product, however wonderful it may be. The benefits include a finer drink and a better experience overall so for some that might outweigh the cost of a extra prep time.
  • Many cappuccino, espresso, and other machines come in fully automatic varieties, which can be the saving grace of the stay-at-home mom. At the touch of a button, the drink of choice could be poured and ready to go.

Any one of these machines saves a trip to the café, no matter how busy the day gets, and still offers the stress release and luxury benefits of a gourmet coffee drink any time of the day or night.

Expand the Concept of Coffee Drinking

The life of a stay-at-home mom is not always glamorous but it is very important. A mother has to stay healthy and full of energy to keep up with her little ones and coffee may not be enough. Enhance your concept of coffee drinking to include it in a healthy lifestyle and get even more out of your home machine.

  • Incorporate energy packed snacks like fruit and almonds or walnuts into your daily cup of caffeine. Extend this concept to the children and offer them the same healthy snacks to lead by example and start good habits early.
  • Enjoy socialization with the home machine you choose. The shiny contraption you’ve added to your kitchen will impress your friends and family and they’ll be even more impressed with the drinks it produces.
  • Explore the types of coffee drinks you can make with your machine with additions, spices, flavor syrups, and different kinds of coffee beans you’ve never tried before. Bring the kids into your experiments by making drinks with hot chocolate and similar ingredients to yours!

Having a cappuccino machine or other home machine in your kitchen will make you the most popular mom on the block! Bring the café to you, your friends, and your family and enjoy all of the benefits from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Include Your Home Machine in the Cleaning

When you first buy a cappuccino machine, it can be easy to let it sit there and only do the cleaning you need to on a daily basis but this is a very bad idea.

  • Include your machine in your home cleaning schedule, making sure you check the users’ manual to find out which parts need to be deep cleaned and when.
  • Learn about how your machine’s insides should be cleaned when you first get it so you know what you’re doing from the start and you can get any necessary cleaning products you don’t already have.
  • Ask friends and family who already have a machine about what difficulties or challenges they might have had with cleaning and maintenance over the course of owning it. This way, you’ll learn how to avoid these things and give your machine the care it needs to last for many years.
  • Find ways to make cleaning easier like keeping a specific area for coffee cleaning, storing accessories, garnishes, and other ingredients. Organization is the key to saving time!

Give Mom the Gift of Coffee

Whether you’ve long since moved out or you’re still living in your parent’s house, give Mom the gift of coffee on the next occasion that warrants a gift. She’ll be ecstatic when she opens the cappuccino machine that now allows her to have her favorite coffee drinks right in her own home. If you know a stay-at-home mom or have a family member who has taken on this responsibility, the gift of coffee is just as wonderful. These women have so much in their lives to worry about and they’re probably not even thinking about purchasing a home machine of their own. It’s a gift that any parent would love!

Bring Your Cappuccino Machine to the Patio for Your Own Outdoor Café

Picture a sunny day on the French Riviera with a view you never imagined and a plate of croissants, fresh fruit, and a cappuccino steaming and foamy. The French Riviera might be a bit of a stretch for you but the scene doesn’t have to be completely imagined. You can create a café worthy of a beautiful view right on your own patio. Don’t let travel limitations stop you from enjoying a gourmet coffee experience outdoors in the summer sun. It won’t take much to bring it to your backyard.

What Are You Working With?

Take a look at your patio area and think about how you wish it looked. There are a few considerations you should keep in mind while starting to transform your backyard into an outdoor café.

  • Do you already have a garden or do you want one surrounding your café? Gardening can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even create a container garden with mini fruit trees for a small space.
  • Are you keeping your café to only a cappuccino machine or do you plan to add another home machine and other accessories to your setup? The answer to this question is the difference between a small preparation table and a larger one as well as the amount of space you have for other decorative items.
  • Would you like to upgrade the furniture on your patio? Folding mesh beach chairs don’t exactly scream French Riviera but good patio furniture can be out of your budget. Take the DIY route and cover cheap furniture with pretty fabric and a couple of throw pillows for an upgraded look that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Is your new outdoor café for just your enjoyment or for entertainment purposes as well? A café for a single person (or a couple) is ideal for a small space and requires less furniture and probably fewer machines. If you pan to be entertaining on your patio, the space will have to be oriented differently so people can move around and you may want to make use of a variety of machines and accessories to accommodate several different tastes.

Make a plan before you begin transforming your space. You can even draw up a rough sketch to help you stick to your plan or use magazine pictures to make your imagination come to life. Invite the help of friends who are familiar with DIY projects or make a party out of it!

Choose Your Machines

Your cappuccino machine might be all you want and need to create your dream patio café. However, if you’re looking to create a better gourmet experience, especially for the use of entertainment, you might want to add more to your coffee arsenal including accessories and ingredients for the best recipes.

  • Pod machines are perfect for entertaining. They allow the guest to choose what flavor and strength of coffee they want for their cup without you having to make an entire pot of each one.
  • Spices and flavor syrups offer new ways to make your coffee beautiful. Have fun experimenting with different flavors and mixing and matching to create the perfect drink.
  • Grinders and milk steamers offer ways to dress up plain coffee or your cappuccino. You can have the freedom to steam whatever kind of milk you want (like goat milk, almond mil, soy milk, coconut milk, etc.) and to grind gourmet beans with spice mixes to your heart’s content. Grinders allow for more variety because you can find whole beans easier than pre-ground ones.
  • A fully automatic machine may be a good idea for your outdoor café, as it requires less maintenance than other home machines. Whether you’re entertaining or not, you’ll be able to have your favorite coffee drinks at the touch of a button.

Cleaning and Maintenance

There are different concerns when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of machines that are used outdoors instead of in your kitchen. If you’re using your machines outside on a regular basis, you should either have a designated area where they can be enclosed or be prepared to bring them inside every day.

  • Keep a basin of warm soapy water outside where you use your machines so you can transfer dirty parts immediately after use. They’ll be soaking and cleaning before you bring them to the sink and easier to clean completely once you bring them inside.
  • Monitor any machines that are fully automatic so you don’t leave them sitting too long and make cleaning more difficult. Monitor water levels of pod machines and remember to clean them inside and out on a regular basis.
  • Consult the users’ manual for any machines you use and follow the instructions for cleaning and maintenance whether your machines remain indoors or outdoors.

Your home outdoor café can be something you enjoy for many years if you observe proper cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Don’t neglect your machines just because they remain outside! Take care of them and you’ll always have your coffee with a view.

Creating a Real Experience

Once you have your plan and you’ve chosen your machines (even if it’s only your original cappuccino machine), it’s time to create the experience you wanted in the first place. Design your patio café, add decorations, garden your heart out, and sit down on your enhanced furniture with a cup from your cappuccino machine. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and go to the French Riviera without ever getting on a plane. Impress your friends and family but remember above all that your experience is your own and it doesn’t have to be French. Choose what makes you happy and you’ll have a sanctuary that makes you feel relaxed and beautiful every time you step out onto your patio.

Explore Baking Pairings with Your Cappuccino Machine

Where you find coffee enthusiasts, there’s a good chance that lovers of baked goods won’t be far behind. The different kinds of cookies, brownies, breads, and cakes pair with the many different varieties of coffee in a multitude of wonderful ways. Deciding to add a cappuccino machine to your kitchen is exciting as well as delicious but before long, you’ll be longing for the perfect baked goods to go with all the new coffee drinks you learn to make with your machine. Explore baking pairings that go together with specific cappuccino drinks and turn your countertop into your very own café.

The Sweet Stuff

There are pairings between baked goods and cappuccino that work all year round and some that are seasonally popular. In the latter case, we have to wait until the cafes decide that the time is right before enjoying our seasonal favorites but when you learn to make your own, you’ll never have to wait again.

  • We’ve all heard about the frenzy of everything pumpkin spice that begins when the leaves turn. While it can seem like the pumpkin spice craze is a bit much, we’re still guilty of ordering the latte and muffin we’ve secretly wanted since March. With your home machine, you can use syrups and spices to make your own pumpkin spice cappuccino and pair it with pumpkin breads, muffins, and cake. Experiment with other options like fruits and spices that you’ve always wondered about pairing before.
  • Later in winter, warm yourself with classic cinnamon or peppermint in your cappuccino and bake the chocolatey comfort foods that make the weather outside seem less than frightful. Use your home machine to step out of the season and enjoy these comfort food options no matter what the temperature happens to be.
  • Springtime often means berries and bright colors as well as a separation from hot drinks. Your cappuccino machine doesn’t have to go dormant when the weather warms up. Blend ice cream and other flavors into your cappuccino with some ice to have a treat that can be paired with all your favorite berries and brightly colored cookies.
  • In the summer, give your cappuccino a little kick by adding coffee liquor or other creamy dessert liquors to the mix after it is brewed. Pour it over ice or blend with ice cream and pair with fruit pies, puddings, every dessert that is finished with whipped topping. Your barbeques and other outdoor parties will never be the same.

Getting to Know Your Baked Goods

If your not great in the kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the baked good pairings that will go well with your cappuccino machine. There are ways around this issue that don’t include a trip to the bakery!

  • Single people can rejoice in the advent of recipes for baked goods that can be mixed in a mug and cooked in the microwave. These options take a few minutes and yield a delicious result that won’t make you feel guilty about overeating.
  • Quick bread, muffin, cookie, brownie, and cake mixes can be found in any supermarket and are so simple to make they’re nearly impossible to mess up. Mix them according to directions or use baseline mixes like yellow cake, vanilla, or multigrain to experiment with different spices, flavorings, and fruits that can be easily added to pair with the cappuccino drinks you create.
  • Do you have a friend that bakes? Ask for help! Do a cookie exchange or baking party with friends so that the ones who are good at it can teach those who want to learn. You can share the recipes you’ve made using your cappuccino machine and learn about how to bake the things you want to pair at the same time.

Do a Little Research

The beauty of living in this digital age is that you can learn almost anything from the internet. A quick search can give you recipes, instructional videos, and inspiration for your next experiment.

  • From social media sites to cooking websites and even the popular video websites like Hulu and YouTube (among others), you’ll find everything you need to go from bakery patron to ruler of the kitchen.
  • Print out your favorite recipes and ideas for a baking binder or scrap book and add the recipes for your cappuccino machine next to the baked good pairings you liked best.
  • Start a page or group on social media and invite your friends to join you in your baking discoveries. You can share your mishaps and successes to learn from each other and keep finding new ideas.

When you become an expert at pairing baked goods with cappuccino drinks, you might even consider starting your own blog or video channel to share with others. Tell people about your experiments and research as well as the joys of being able to use your own cappuccino machine to find new creations. Include your friends and take pictures at the parties you have to share, teach, and learn so that you may contribute to the information that’s out there for others to research the same way you did.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

When you being using your home machine all the time, don’t forget that more use requires more maintenance. The cleaning and other things you did before you began using your machine heavily won’t be enough to keep it working at top performance. Create a system within your kitchen to keep maintenance easy to do and quick to complete. Keep a basin of hot water and soap near the sink for only items associated with the cappuccino machine so that you can get things cleaning as soon as you’re finished using them. Your system can help you keep things clean as you bake to pair new gourmet options with your favorite cappuccino drinks. If you’re ever unsure, call customer service or consult your user’s manual to find the answers you need. With a little bit of work, you can enjoy your home machine for many years to come!

Spruce Up Your Movie Nights with a Cappuccino Machine

Whatever the time of year, a good movie night with friends is always a great idea for everyone involved. A marathon of your favorites with the people you love along with food and drink to tie it all together. A cappuccino machine gives you and your friends a wonderful treat and keeps you energized to power through the whole marathon with as much discussion in between as you want. Set it up and get ready for many movie nights filled with foamy goodness that makes memories to last a lifetime!

Enjoying Cappuccino

You may have been a lover of all things coffee throughout your whole life but that doesn’t mean you know all about the wonders that can be brought to you by a cappuccino machine.

  • Learn about the different flavors of cappuccino, syrups, and all the garnishes that go along with them to create a variety of drinks that will be sure to bring happiness to every gathering.
  • Foamy designs are fun, pretty, and easy to make. Use a theme to go with your movie night or make something that is entirely your own. Dress up your cappuccinos for more flair.
  • Experiment with your friends at different movie nights to find out which flavor combinations and garnishes you like best in your cappuccinos. Throw a few special movie night parties to explore the best ways to use your cappuccino machine.

Go With the Theme

Your cappuccino machine is an important part of adding gourmet coffee to your movie nights but there are other accessories that can be added to make everything even better.

  • Glass mugs that show the different layers of foam, flavoring, and coffee are interesting and beautiful. You can add all kinds of the things to the clear and plain glass that fits with the theme of your movie night.
  • You don’t have to buy themed plates and cloth napkins for every movie night. Use colored ribbons tied around mug handles, themed paper napkins to go under plates, and garnishes for the top of foam that go with the theme of the party.
  • Have fun with your cappuccino! Along with the accessories, you can even use flavors to go with the theme of your movie night. Give everyone a boost through the night with flavors that bring you into whatever world you happen to have chosen for the evening.
  • There are all kinds of baked goods that go with cappuccino and you can use that to your advantage. If you can’t bake, head to your local bakery and find the best pairings to add to your movie night theme.

Make it a Potluck

Your friends will love your cappuccino machine but that doesn’t mean the rest has to be all up to you. Ask the other movie night guests to bring along food, flavors, and accessories to make the party a group effort. Let each person bring something to the mix to show each other how to make new and exciting cappuccino drinks that everyone will love.

Have Your Own Party

You don’t need a movie night every time you want to enjoy an excellent cappuccino drink. Use your cappuccino machine on a daily basis to have a treat to start, continue, or end your day.

  • A fully automatic machine gives you the freedom to simply press a button and get your drink in the morning so you’ll never have to waist another second with coffee preparation.
  • Forgo the stop at a café on the way to work and save time and money with your morning commute. You’ll be sipping your cappuccino in your car while the traffic inches forward instead of waiting on line for your daily perk.
  • At the end of the day, come home to a cappuccino that is the treat you deserve after working for hours. You can relax with a treat you love in your very own home.
  • Invite your coworkers back for a cappuccino after work instead of heading to the bar for a drink. Relax with a luxurious gourmet beverage in the comfort of your kitchen or living room.

Maintain Your Machine

In order to ensure that you enjoy many movie nights with your cappuccino machine, clean and maintain it properly. The parts are simple to clean and with a few easy points to remember, you can prolong the life of your machine for a long time.

  • Keep a basin of hot water by the sink for parts that need to be cleaned regularly so that the coffee grounds and other things in the machine don’t get all over the sink or anything in it.
  • Remove any used coffee grounds from the machine at the end of the day or before you put it away for a long period. This helps keep dirt and bacteria from growing or getting into the inner mechanisms of the machine.
  • Run plain hot water through the machine every once in awhile to clean all of its inner workings. Don’t use soap or any other cleaning agents, just clean hot water.
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