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Fully Automatic Coffee Machines That Make Your Office a Better Place to Work

What’s the first thing so many people do when they get to the office, or even before they get there? Millions of people rely on a good cup of coffee to get their work day started and, without it, they feel useless and lethargic. So, if you’re employees are going to partake in the magical hot beverage that appears to make them more productive, why not make sure they’re getting the best? An espresso machine or cappuccino machine in the office instead of plain old coffee improves morale in many ways and a fully automatic machine makes cleaning and maintenance simple for everyone.

Increased Productivity

Naturally, associating caffeinated beverages with increased productivity is not a difficult assumption to prove. Install an espresso machine in the office and you might notice people begin to run around like they’re being chased by heat-seeking missiles. Everyone droops a little after lunch and an good coffee machine gives employees the opportunity to perk up in a very pleasant manner.


Standing around after a meeting when you have out of town guests at the office can get awkward but a cappuccino machine gives employees and guests a reason to gather at a specific spot and socialize while they’re coffee drinks are coming up. A fully automatic machine makes that part of the process go a little faster so employees may get a chance to socialize a bit but not for so long that their work falls behind.

The Cons Debunked

There are employers who believe that a good coffee machine in the break room could make work come to a standstill because every coffee lover in the office will get up a lot more often to run off and make a coffee. However, the benefits of installing a fully automatic high-end coffee drink maker far outweigh the risks.

  • Coffee lovers will find a way to get their fix whether you have a good coffee machine in the office or not. They’ll bring their own coffee and take a lot of time preparing it or leave the office to make a run to their favorite coffee shop. If the coffee they want is right there in the office, sure they might be heading off several times a day but they won’t be wasting time going to a coffee shop or preparing a special brew.
  • Shaky hands and jittery employees will be the norm if an espresso machine is installed at the office, right? This is another myth about everyone who tries their hand at the hardcore coffee. People know their limits better than you may realize and they don’t want to fall behind just as much as you don’t want them to do the same.
  • Spending money on a high-end coffee machine is a decision that many employers see as a huge risk. You may be afraid that the machine will get broken and quickly. A fully automated machine cuts this risk down considerable because they require mineral amounts of maintenance. Assign one employee to the task or rotate it out. Also, once employees see that beautiful machine, chances are they’ll really want to make sure it stays exactly where it is and so they’ll maintain it in order to keep it.
  • A premium level coffee machine might be a reason for employers to worry that their employees will be socializing around the coffee maker instead of working. Actually, a good cup of coffee is a great way to open meetings, introduce out of town guests to your business, and keep everyone on point during projects that may require long hours of overtime.

Research and Choose

Before you decide what purchase to make in the world of high-end coffee machines, make sure you research the different options that are out there. An espresso machine or cappuccino machine may be exactly what you’re looking for but there’s more than one way to get the perfect hot beverages your employees crave. There are high-end coffee machines that include accessories for steaming milk and making each coffee creation the best it can be.

Easy Care and Maintenance

This is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a professional coffee machine and you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your purchase. Do this by looking for something fully automatic or with other easy care instructions.

The coffee maker you choose for an office environment will get a lot of use and unless you want to be replacing it at least once a month, you should choose a coffee machine that has durability. Morale won’t be improved at all if the brand new coffee machine you install in the break room doesn’t work. Assign someone to the job or rotate between the people in the office so you know maintenance is being performed regularly and correctly. You want a coffee machine that makes employees smile and not one that they hit in frustration and yell at when it won’t give them the coffee drink they want.

The Best Morale Booster

Coffee in itself can be a morale booster with it’s pleasant aroma and healing properties of reviving zombie workers from their states of bleary eyed boredom after a commute. Giving your employees an espresso machine or cappuccino machine will make you a hero in the eyes of every coffee lover in your office. They won’t have to spend hundreds every month on their favorite coffee drinks at the local café but instead will only have to take a few steps to the break room to get their fix in the premium manner to which they are accustomed.

Any shiny new machine is bound to improve morale around the office but a shiny new machine that also dispenses coffee drinks that make them swoon is a huge added bonus. They’ll talk about it, use it, maybe even revere it and they’ll all have smiles on their faces as they do.

The Zen of Coffee: The Fully Automatic Way to Get the Best Brew

Every coffee lover will tell you that it’s not just the caffeine that makes them yearn for the perfect brew to make the day better or simply make it complete. It’s about the aroma, the look, the texture of the foam on top, the bitter or bold taste of different kinds of beans. They’ll tell you how much it matters that the beans are ground fresh for each cup and how the water should drip through the grounds at a rate that captures each complex flavor. You might think they’re crazy or eccentric or even a little bit uptight about their coffee but the truth is that the way it’s brewed really does make a difference and it can take some time to get a coffee drink that satisfies the enthusiast. That’s where the fully automatic coffee machine comes in handy because instead of running to the nearest coffee shop every time you want the best brew, you can press a button and have the machine make it for you.

Who Benefits from a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

There’s something to be said for having whatever coffee drink you want at the push of a button but not everyone believes they need this feature in their coffee maker. Consider who uses the coffee maker in your house if it’s not just you and if you could use this feature at your office as well. Who can really benefit?

  • An office environment often revolves around a lot of caffeine. People gather around coffee, they use it to stay chipper around customers or on the phone, and it’s what keeps us all going after lunch. Having more than simple coffee around improves morale, makes people feel better when they have their coffee, and they may go for that one amazing drink instead of several cups of mediocre brew that ends up making them jittery.
  • The morning commuter who loves a latte on the way to work can benefit from a fully automatic coffee machine because they won’t have to stop off on the way to work or wherever else they go during the day. It saves time and the latte lover is still satisfied and happy by the time they arrive at work after the commute.
  • The perpetual hostess can benefit from a coffee machine that delivers amazing drinks in one touch because they will always have that special touch they love to put into every event and dinner they put on. A hostess takes pride in each part of the presentation and anything that makes it easier makes that possible every time.

Is It Really That Easy?

There are a lot of fully automatic coffee machines on the market that claim to be easy to use and simple to maintain but we all know that such claims can be too good to be true. It’s not too difficult to spot the pretenders, though. All it takes is a little bit of research and a conversation with the manufacturer. Ask questions when you’re looking for the right coffee machine. Talk to a customer service representative and find out if they’re actually helpful or if they don’t even know what they’re talking about. This will help you determine not only if the coffee machine you have your eye on is the real deal or if you’ll have trouble whenever you need to call in to customer service for a little help.

Why Does it Matter?

If you’re asking yourself this question in the first place, it’s very likely that you don’t understand the importance of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. The features you want to look for aren’t only about timing, programming, and the types of drinks you’re fully automatic coffee machine can make but also about how the coffee is brewed before it all starts.

  • Pre-ground coffee is for amateurs and any enthusiast will tell you the same. After the beans are ground, they start to lose flavor immediately and if they’re not kept sealed and fresh, that flavor is lost exponentially.
  • Whole bean coffee holds its flavor longer and can be stored more easily. While it should still be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place, it will last longer than the pre-ground stuff and taste better.
  • Grinding your own beans for each cup takes time and energy that could be spent making the rest of your breakfast or taking some extra time in the shower. A fully automatic machine will do that for you so every cup gets fresh ground beans without all that hassle.
  • All the other steps like steaming milk or mixing up a coffee cocktail also take time and a true coffee enthusiast doesn’t want to skip any of that. Sacrificing one of these steps means one step back backward to plain old regular coffee. The machines that get it right to these things for you so you don’t have to sacrifice a thing, including even a minute of your time.

Explore the Zen of It All

Enjoying a cup of coffee from your fully automatic coffee machine means that you have a little extra time to explore the zen of the experience. The taste and caffeine is one thing but there is so much more to the best brew than that. Smell the aroma, feel the texture of the foam on top and the smooth blend of every wonderful ingredient. Start your day with this experience and use it after lunch not just for an extra jolt but for a bit of time where you lose yourself in every part of your favorite coffee drink. With a fully automatic machine, there is no hassle; no frustration, only the zen of it all and your favorite coffee always brewed the best. Let all of your senses perk up and spend your day in bliss.

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