Astra 2000 Super Automatic Espresso Machine, 220V

ASTRA 2000
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There is no espresso machine like the ASTRA 2000, which is the ultimate combination of modern and traditional technology. Once the user selects the desired drink, the ASTRA 2000 grinds the beans, tamps the grounds, and extracts the perfect amount of coffee – providing a fresh drink every time.

  • Capable of producing up to 7 different drinks, the automatic steam wand with self regulating temperature sensor automatically turns off when milk reaches necessary temperature. Vacuum valve prevents milk from entering the boiler. The Astra 2000 can be programmed to automatically clean and rinse brew mechanism every 10 minutes.
  • Equipped with our Intelliprogram (TM) smart features, including: programmable dosing, pre-infusion capabilities, management reporting and troubleshooting capabilities, programmable ‘on/off’ feature ensures machine powers up/down on time everyday. Astra 2000 also features a quiet internal motor with rotary-vane Procon pump, easy plumbed water connection & drain hook-up, and digital temperature control.
  • Boiler Capacity: 4.2L
  • Dimensions: 13"W x 23"D x 38"H
  • Hopper Size: Two hoppers
  • Power: 2700W 220V 20amps
  • Water: Hookup
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