MEGA II Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, Compact 220V

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Astra’s MEGA II M2CS019 traditional or semi-automatic espresso machine puts the barista in control to craft the perfect cup. With a self tamping, high-density group head, copper boiler and temperature stabilizing thermocycling system, these machines offer unmatched reliability, quality and simplicity.

The M2CS019 220V semi-automatic machine is a compact two-group head machine that takes up less than 20"W of counterspace. The M2CS019 is manufactured using commercial components including a full size rotary vane Procon pump, Astra’s thermocircular brewing mechanism, a 7 liter boiler and a 2700 watt heating element, two steam wands and one hot water valve, manual dosing and manual hot water controls. Thermocycling system provides absolute temperature consistency to deliver the perfect cup everytime. Stainless steel panels and color panel options available.

Handcrafted in the USA of US-standard hardware.

  • Boiler Capacity: 7 L
  • Dimensions: 22"x19.25"x19.5"
  • Hopper Size: N/A
  • Power: 2700W
  • Group Head Count: 2
  • Water: Plumbed
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