Annual Maintenance Service, Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Annual Maintenance - Super Automatic Espresso Machines

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Super Automatic Annual Maintance. Per machine. Includes labor for 1 maintenance visit per year. Maintenance includes Inspection of valves, solenoids, boilers, pump, water lines, drip tray, drain line, water softener, etc. Group gaskets, electrovalves, o-rings, and screens will be replaced when necessary. Specialized machines may include other parts not listed here. Astra grinders will be inspected for proper function. Steam wands will be cleaned and checked for proper movement and waterflow, Drip tray and drain lines will be flushed.

Service includes one visit per year, per machine. 

Available for the following espresso machines: SM111, SM111-1, SM222, SM222-1, ASTRA 2000, ASTRA 2000-1

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