Using an Astra Adjustable Portafilter for ESE Pods

astra adjustable portafilter

ESE or “easy serve espresso” pods continue to grow in popularity as a quick, simple way to provide a cup of espresso without the conventional grinding, dosing, and tamping. As specialty coffee continues to gain adoption in cafes, restaurants, offices, and even homes, the grab-and-brew, individual serving solution has grown interest in espresso enthusiasts and roasters alike.

The ESE pod is a small paper filter pad, tightly packed with coffee. As opposed to its plastic-cupped cousin, the k-cup, ESE pods are made of permeable food grade paper and are typically environmentally friendly.

Although the ambiance of a coffee shop or café is often associated with the low hum of a grinder and part of the barista’s charm is the artful tamping of the grounds, ESE pods are often used in commercial settings - anywhere from a restaurant looking to offer specialty coffee without barista-type experience to a university cafeteria or even for roasters who want to showcase their beans with their own artisan ESE pod.

The challenge comes when trying to use an ESE pod with an espresso machine – you must have a pod-compatible machine. For those who have already invested in a traditional espresso machine or want the option to offer fresh ground or pod espresso, there is a solution.

Astra's adjustable pod portafilter is designed to accommodate most brands of coffee ESE Pods. With an adjustable base and integrated mesh filter, the portafilter works with various size pre-portioned packed coffee pods to conveniently brew individual servings.

Due to variations in thickness of pods, the pod portafilter may need to be adjusted to provide sufficient tamping pressure. We’ve put together a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to adjust the Astra adjustable pod portafilter.


View our tutorial video on adjusting the portafilter, here:




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