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Improving the Automotive Buying Experience with Astra Espresso

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As dealers compete to provide the latest in customer care and satisfaction for the potential car buyer of today, auto dealerships are turning to specialty coffee as a standard amenity for their customers.

Similar to a good automobile, a good espresso machine needs to be reliable and easily serviced so that it performs optimally. Not only should the machine be efficient and reliable, it should also deliver a remarkable cup of coffee or espresso every time.


The Self-serve Espresso Experience

Auto dealership staff have little time to work with a barista-style, traditional espresso machine that requires more training and process to deliver a good cup of espresso. More importantly, they should not be burdened with a machine plagued with service issues. Many espresso machines on the market today are complex and use hard to replace European parts.

Recently, a high-end foreign luxury brand on the east coast added espresso service to their showroom as part of their remodeling plan to elevate the customer experience. They chose a well-known, expensive machine for their showroom in hopes to provide specialty coffee for their customers. The machine, however, was plagued with service issues and continually broke down. Even though the machine initially seemed to fit their needs, the dealership began searching for a more durable and effortless espresso machine.

The dealer reached out to a locally owned and operated coffee distributor with years of experience in the coffee industry for a recommendation. They recommended Astra’s SM-222 Super Automatic Espresso Machine based on the modularity and serviceability of Astra espresso machines. Simple and not over-complicated, the SM-222 makes up to 14 different drinks at the touch of a button so staff and customers can make drinks with equal effort.

The modular design of Astra Super Automatic Espresso Machines makes them easy to service and repair while the Intelliprogram(TM) smart features allow anyone to deliver the perfect drink every time with the touch of a button. The dealer made the investment in Astra and has experienced the benefits and features of a truly modular, reliable espresso machine.


The Barista Experiece with Mobile Coffee Carts

Another trend in specialty coffee is the use of mobile coffee carts to deliver the espresso experience. With either a self-service espresso machine or an attendant-served automatica or traditional espresso machine, mobile coffee carts allow for coffee/ espresso service wherever needed. No matter if it's a cold day or beautiful sunny weekend, coffee carts easily move from inside the showroom to out on the lot for special customer events. 

Astra coffee carts are customizable to fit any style or need - from custom laminate colors to integrated accessories like refrigerators and shelves. A mobile coffee cart can even be branded with logos and colors that fit your specific brand. 


No matter type of coffee experience your auto dealership is looking for, it's paramount to invest in a durable and professional machine that will stand up to repeated use by staff and/or customers. There are many options out on the market today, but not all are created equal. Read the full Astra Auto Dealership Case Study or learn more about our custom espresso machine coffee carts.


Read the Astra Auto Dealership Case Study

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