Adjustable Pod Portafilter

Astra Adjustable Pod Portafilter

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Astra's adjustable pod portafilter allows operators to conveniently brew individual servings with Easy Serving Espresso pods (ESE pods) from their Astra espresso machine. With an adjustable base and integrated mesh filter, the portafilter works with various size pre-portioned packed coffee pods. 

With just a few household tools, you can adjust the portafilter to your pod of choice for proper pressurization to improve extraction. For adjustment instructions, watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to adjust the Astra adjustable pod portafilter. 

Made of durable nickel plated brass body and parts, the adjustable portafilter is a reliable and cost-effective addition to any espresso set-up. Distinctive red handle casing makes the adjustable portafilter easily identifiable from traditional portafilters.

• Adjustable to fit multiple pods sizes
• Durable nickel plated brass
• Integrated mesh filter
• Distinctive red handle casing
• Fits all Astra espresso machines

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