Astra 2000 Automatic Espresso Machine

The ASTRA 2000 is capable of producing a variety of espresso and American coffee based drinks including caffeinated and decaffineated espresso, cappuccino, latte, café au lait, and gourmet American coffee drinks. Unlike other coffee machines, the ASTRA 2000 does not pre-grind the coffee beans. Once the user selects the desired drink, the ASTRA 2000 grinds the whole coffee beans, tamps the ground coffee and extracts the perfect amount of coffee – providing a fresh drink every time. If the desired drink requires milk or hot water, the ASTRA 2000 then steams and dispenses the necessary milk or hot water.

The ASTRA 2000 coffee machine is equipped with a powerful steam wand and a self regulating temperature sensor that automatically turns off the steam when the milk or water reaches the necessary temperature. This highly advanced feature allows the user to produce the perfect drink without extensive training. It also operates as a safety feature. The steam wand of the ASTRA 2000 is also capable of being operated like that of a traditional machine. With a simple flip of a switch, the ASTRA 2000 transforms from a fully automatic to a traditional espresso machine.

There is no coffee machine like the ASTRA 2000. The ASTRA 2000 is the ultimate combination of modern and traditional technology.

The ASTRA 2000 also has programmable capabilities allowing the user to alter and adjust the flavor profile as necessary, making this machine suitable for any customer base.

Astra offers a two (2) year limited manufacturer's warranty on most components including the computer, grinder and brewing mechanism (except wear-and-tear)

Production 180 cups/hour
Boiler (Liters) 4.2, Nickel-Plated
Pump Full-Size, Rotary-vane, Procon Pump
Water Hook-up 1/4" flare drain hose supplied
Temp Controller Adjustable temp (65-190F), Auto/Manual
Voltage 220
Wattage 2400, 20 Amps
Different Drinks 7
Height (Inches) 38
Depth (Inches) 23
Width (Inches) 15
Weight (Lbs) 150